Is it possible to view jpegs on Palm OS4?

I have a Sony Clie running Palm OS 4.something

I want know if it’s possible to view a jpeg on a Palm OS PDA… I’ve used the Palm Desktop install manager to tranfer the image to my memory stick, but I can’t seem to find the file anywhere on the memory stick. I don’t even want to view the image on the PDA, I just want to be able to see it in the file list. Is that possible, or must I convert the jpeg into a .pdb first?

I actually want to transfer images from my computer to my Nokia 3660, but I don’t have an irDA port on the computer just yet, so I figured I could transfer the images to my PDA, and then beam them over to the phone.

What are you doing to look on the memory stick? The palm home screen doesn’t really show you anything but programs.

If you just want to verify that the files are there, then filez should do the trick. That program really does deserve the plug - freeware and there’s so much you can do with it, especially in managing your palm memory and expansion media.

hotsync probably put the pictures in the /images directory of your memory stick, if that helps. Filez can attempt to beam the files, but I’m not sure if the phone will be compatible.

Hope this info helps.

First I used Fireviewer, but nothing showed up. Then I used MS Gate, with the same result. I did look in /images, but nothing showed.

Card Info shows that space on the memory card has been used up, but I can’t see which files are using up the space. I even formatted the memstick, and then transferred the images to it, but still no files get listed.

I’ll give filez a try and then post here tomorrow…

Hmmm… okay, looks like some application may have taken over JPEGs and redirected them to its own directory on the card. try looking under /palm/programs and see what you find there, your jpegs may be hidden under one of those directories.

That’s one of the problems with hotsync - it doesn’t tell you what the registered directories for any particular file type.

By the way, I wrote a little utility app in nsbasic that’s particularly relevant to this sort of thing, actually… goes through your entire expansion media and lists hos much space is being used where, by how many files, etcetera. let me know if you want to give it a try - kelworth at chriskweb dot net . I may need to put a little effort into making it work on any expansion card but my own, hmm. :]

Maybe I should put the program up at palmgear and handango as freeware, hmm? Either that or charge a buck for it LOL.

Brilliant! Filez did the job… that’s a pretty neat app! Thanks, Chrisk! Incidentally, is it not possible at all to view a jpeg on Palm OS4?

Now I’m hoping you can answer me this: the images I transferred to the memory stick are image.jpg. But when I beam them over to my phone using Filez, it becomes image.jpg.prc, despite my not having modified the file.

Any clue?

Coming to the phone, somehow I can still view the image.jpg.prc on the phone, but I can’t save it. My phone does display jpeg and gif files. :confused:

Btw, if you’re looking to test your app (prior to putting it out on Handago and Palmgear for a buck a copy!), mebbe xash can be of some service… [snarky]although he couldn’t help me solve my particular problem[/snarky], he is pretty proficient with the Palm OS.

Viewing jpegs on palmOS 4 - it’s possible, but you need a third-party image viewer program. VFSi - will get the job done, and it’s freeware, but I didn’t like it and poney-d up the money for resco photo viewer for palm - , which is trial-ware. :slight_smile:

as far as beaming… I guess that filez encodes the pictures into a palm resource container format so that they can be received by other palmpilots that don’t have memory sticks or other external media – and possibly PalmOS 4 doesn’t have a beaming format that is able to transfer a JPEG other than a palm resource container. Obviously your phone is capable of understanding the jpeg-prc format half way. Beyond this, I can’t really help you, except to say that I hope you get your IrDA port set up soon. :wink:

Cool! Thanks a bunch!