Is it reasonable to buy a used car in 2 months?

I am looking at getting a used car, but I am fairly picky at what I want. I would like to find something w/ less then 40k miles, AWD/4WD, but on the efficient end, I am partial to the Outback but would consider others. I would also like a stick.

The reason for the 2 month limit is that my car has that pesky check engine light on and I know it will cost a few bucks, also a rear shock (strut) went. Coolant ‘disappears’, and inspection is due the end of March. I think it’s time to cut my losses.

As long as you’re very, very lenient on the 40k mile thing.

Subarus are built to last over a quarter million miles and most of them are used heavily. A 3 or 4 year old one will have 70k to 100k miles on it, and it will probably need a $1200 clutch very soon. Subaru finally sorted their long-time clutch problems in early 2002; if the clutch was replaced after that it’ll be good for a very long time.

They’re readily available in Massachusetts; I think the Impreza is one of the 10 best selling cars in the state.

$1200 for a clutch? When the clutch in my Subaru went, the total cost of repairs was about $500-600, with another $100 (that insurance paid back) to tow the car somewhere I could get it fixed.