Is it safe to cook these chops?

I have a couple pork chops that I put in some marinade in a Tupperware bin and promptly forgot about for about 2 weeks. Can I cook them or should I just dump them?

Also, anyone have any recipes? Thick chops in soy sauce and teriyake. I was thinking stir fry initially.

Please tell me you forgot them in the 'fridge.

eta: really. If they were in the fridge they might be edible if you keep your fridge very cold (32-36F). If not, just dump without opening. Pickled meat takes more salt than soy sauce.

Two weeks? Dump. FDA says 3-5 days in the fridge for chops.

Yes, they were in the fridge. Good to know. I’ll dump 'em. Thanks guys!

Safe is really a relative term. There’s strict FDA compliance safe, then theres culinary BASE jumpers like me. If they smelled good, I’d cook them except that you had them in marinade. They would have soaked way too much marinade by now swo even I’d dump them.