Uncooked pork chops have been in the fridge for a week. Are they still good

I believe the FDA says 3-5 days in the fridge is OK for uncooked pork chops, but I assume they are conservative in their predictions. Is 7-8 days going to cause a problem?

Give it the Smell Test. Get a second and third opinion if possible. If they all check out, go ahead and cook it, but do it today.

If they are a bit slimy throw them out. But, otherwise the smell test should work.

As long as they were kept under refrigeration, 5 days is perfectly acceptable for serving to the public.

7-8, I wouldn’t feed them to anyone else, but unless they smelled or looked off, I wouldn’t have a problem consuming them myself.

I would, however, do a dish that cooks them pretty thoroughly. No rare pork chops.

If they are not-slimy but oldish you and can feel a little tackiness/stickiness, you can rinse it off with water and rub some ginger and/or wine on it–as works especially well, except in particular cases where you want the slime, with fish. (But not 5-day old fish, which except for shark, and even then, are good only for the garbage, as you know.)

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The aforementioned stickiness is a definite problem. As well as, if when you smell them there is anything that reminds you of sour milk or chicken that has turned, toss it.

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