Is it safe to go out???

Since it was reported the likelyhood of a reprisal terrorist attack would happen once we attacked I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on WHERE it would happen.

I am assumnig it will. Hopefully it will be thwarted before damage is done.

Nobody said the world was a safe place.

Ya pays yer money, and takes yer chances.

I was wondering if these attacks were timed so that if there were reprisals it would be SUNDAY here and less people would be out?

I feel like they’ll take whatever time they need to
get the job done. That’s the bad thing about it.

I can’t say I’d want to live or work in a major city right now.

I can say I’d love to find any sleepers in the act.

[sub]I hope that whoever came out with that 100% statement is:[/sub] present when it happens.