is it safe?

I’m thinking of cleaning my gnu. Got any tips??

Yes, it’s safe, it’s very safe, it’s so safe you wouldn’t believe it.


Be gentle, and don’t be afraid of using too much lubricant.

Trust me.

Better get a gnu gun.

He said,Run, not gun!” (:45)


Remember, treat every gnu as though it were loaded. YTou can never be too careful when it comes to gnu safety. The first time you get careless when handling or cleaning gnu, that’s when it discharges.

When they outlaw gnus, only outlaws will have gnus.

Is it secret?

Well, Stallman can be a bit irritating, but I don’t think he’s dangerous, as such - so sure, it’s safe.

Clean your gnu using a mild, biodegradable detergent and a brush with stiff bristles. Do NOT clean your gnu at the local waterhole unless it has been cleared of large reptiles.


There are alligators in the Serengeti rivers. And if your GNU is in a location like Hostgator then to clean it you still need to be careful. :slight_smile: *

  • Cleanup of all unnecessary junk files.

Rule #1: All gnus are always loaded.

Rule#2: Never let the muzzle of the gnu cover anything you are unwilling to destroy.

Rule #3: Keep your finger off the gnu trigger until the sights are on the target.

Rule #4: Know what the gnu’s target is and what is behind it.


Anything else gnu with you?

:o ???
I don’t know why I started this thread.
I’m putting all the blame on Mr Daniels. :o

See kids? This is why you shouldn’t mix gnus and alcohol.

Make sure to get behind the horns, and soak the hooves before scrubbing them.

Then apparently it wasn’t safe! :eek: Never clean your gnu after hangin’ out with ol’ Jack.

Except the dyslexic ones, who’ll have guns.

Did anybody else come in thinking the title was a Marathon Man reference? (If you’re not familiar, the disturbing relevant scene is here- not advisable for work due to violence.)

No gnus are good gnus.
Before you even start to clean one, make sure you spread a lot of newspaper around on the floor. It can be quite messy. I would suggest having on hand at least 500 copies of the Sunday New York times to begin with.