Gnu News

I’m on vacation, staying at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, and outside my room is a herd of gnus. I like gnus, even ones that don’t report the gnews.

Also, I just learned an alternate name for a group of wildebeests is an implausibility of gnus.

I don’t like gnus. No gnus is good gnus.

I wasn’t aware that the Great Space Coaster stopped there. :wink:

gnus spells sung backward:D

Clicked on thread thinking it was about guns, leaving thread thoroughly confused.

Can you takes pics and post them somewhere, like

I find this hard to believe.

Yeah, certainly gnus to me.

If you eat at Sanaa, I recommend the Chai Cream for dessert. I liked it so much that I asked for the recipe.

Also, I’m jealous. I can be there in about three hours - do you have room on a sofa for me? :slight_smile:

And here I thought the discussion was going to involve something pertaining to Richard Stallman :rolleyes:

Here’s a quick album of just pictures from my balcony. You can see the small herd of gnus in the first three pictures. I don’t recall seeing an okapi in person before. I haven’t gotten any super-great giraffe pics yet; this one is the best so far and funny (I swear she’s not Photoshopped in).

I’m still trying to convince mrs.gnu, but I do want to eat there once. We just ate at Boma and I’m still wrapping my head around how amazing it was.

That looks like fun.

Off to buy lottery ticket…

Its a gnu! A-g-nother gnu!

Cool, thanks!

Too many old puns in this thread. It needs some gnu puns.

Who knew?

Instead of a new gnu pun, I think I’ll just okapi and paste.

I was just going through pictures on my phone the other day, and was staring at a strange picture of a fence and some tree stump on the ground. I finally noticed the giraffe in the background…

Overall, I liked Boma more than I liked Sanaa. Since you’ve done Boma, you might skip Sanaa and do some other specialty places. I can always send you the recipe. :slight_smile:

I got lost in Africa once, and an antelope helped me find the rhebok home.

I was taking photos in Africa and got charged by a rhino. £50 for a commercial use licence.