Giraffe Board is down

Looks like it might be an expiry issue again, just like last year?

Thanks** Rebo**!

downforeveryoneorjustme told me that it was me, and I was stressing.

I can relax now.

I’ve emailed Giraffe and Fenris.

I did the same … I hope they get it up and going soon … I thought it was hacked though?

Mellophant is working fine as usual ECHO ECHO ECHO ECHO

I’m actually over there reading an old thread about merging DoMeBo and Giraffe Boards.


It was prolly 'leet hackez from mellophant that did the hacking! :wink:

I got no info. I’m out of the loop…

However, when I hit the page, I get the message

“by nr_elove”

(Binary Love. Geddit? :rolleyes: )

Anyway, putting by nr_elove into Google, seems like he/they/it are Saudi Hacker(s). I’m not all “AAAAH!! WE’VE BEEN HAXXORED!! :eek:”, but…I guess it’s possible we were.

If so, I blame…oh…let’s say GFactor and Idle Thoughts.


So fix it, smiley man!

You thought it was over! MWAH! :slight_smile:

Hey, I just add smilies and randomly create forums. Giraffe does the heavy lifting.

Thank you SDMB for being a temporary haven for us Gweebers. I’ll try not to get stains on the furniture.

Have you been in contact with him? He’s usually on in the mornings, right?

That’s lame. If it’s gonna be hacked it should have at least been Anonymous or someone else noteworthy :mad:

It looks like nr_elove makes a hobby of this sort of thing. From the snackpit. Just looking at the URL, my guess is that he got into cpanel and changed the redirect to point to that message (and then changed the cpanel password :fist:). I’m guessing/hoping that the main database is fine, and once we change the redirect back the board will be the same as before. If not, I made a full offsite backup 1-2 weeks ago, so even if URLjet isn’t keeping the regular backups they’re supposed to be keeping, we’re not going to lose much.

I’ve got a high priority ticket into URLjet right now, hopefully things will be back up shortly.

Thanks for the info, G-Man.

Hurry back Giraffe I was loving the Fenris intervention …

It’s all fixed (for me anyway)

Yes, it appears to be back up and no worse the wear. No worse than usual, anyway.

If you’re still getting the nr_elove message, odds are you’re refreshing the cgi-sys/suspended.cgi page – go directly to and it should work.

Since the issue has been resolved, I’ll close this.