What, exactly, is the Giraffe board rule?

For those that don’t know, Giraffe is mostly comprised of current Dopers, ex-Dopers and banned Dopers. They even have current and ex- mods that post there.

We know that giraffe people can post pretty much anything about Giraffe, even outright lies. Even lies that mods know are lies. You can even post a link to Giraffe telling people they can go there to discuss the latest on the Dope, like Ed’s thread about restarting the Cecil column. That’s all okay.

But if a Giraffe poster tells a lie here, you are not allowed to link to the evidence because of some fear of a board war.

If you are going to have a no Giraffe rule, have it work both ways, no mention of it at all.

Can you give us an example of how this board war would work? What do you expect to happen? It’s not like Giraffe posters would suddenly overrun us, they are already here. You are already modding them on a daily basis, just keep doing so.

This was posted but does not explain what, why or how.
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Jun 18

Once again, the SDMB is not the place to discuss what happens on Giraffe. Since the actual topic of this thread seems to have run its course and some folks want to turn this into a Giraffe thread, we’re done.

Thread closed.

Other posts by Mods said that mentions of other boards, including the one discussed here are Ok.

What is the rule, and why?

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We don’t allow board wars. This is closed.

We have no control over Giraffe or any other message board. If you have a problem with something that people are doing on Giraffe, take it to Giraffe. Don’t bring the issue back over here.

It’s a good thing Robot Mod is in beta testing because it clearly needs some work

Eta: boy do I feel stupid - that’s ECG’s custom title. I was thinking it was some kind of automatic Discourse functionality. Ignore my post!

I’ve been mighty curious about this…Giraffe board for years, too. It feels almost like a majestic legend.

Obviously mentioning the board is okay and discussing what is posted on there is not.

The issue is bringing drama from another board – be it Giraffe, Reddit, or wherever – to the SDMB. TPTB have frowned upon this before the Giraffe Boards even existed.

you…you know you can go there, right? Just google the name and click on the link. It’s not a secret forum on the dark web. Check it out and if you want you can register, either under your SD name or a different one.

I’m not sure why you quoted me here. You didn’t answer any part if my questions. And I have never seen a thread closed or someone mod noted for any redditt link. This rule seems to be Giraffe and Giraffe only.

And this is part of what I mean. It’s like giving them free advertising that you can’t block with an ad blocker. But if I were to post the negatives of Giraffe, I would be shut down. Either open it up both ways or close it down both ways.

Moderator Action

If you want to ask about rules, that’s fine. If you want to attack Giraffe, that’s not allowed.

The rule is no board wars. You can mention that Giraffe exists, but do not post anything inflammatory.

Since the well was poisoned from the start with this thread, it’s closed.