Giraffe Board is down

Maybe locking yesterday’s thread was a bit premature … Did the registry expire this time? Redirects to some add ;-/

Looks like a domain parking thing. I hope somebody didn’t grab the domain…

Ack … is that, well, ack I hope not …

What are your thoughts Thespos? Think someone did?

Looks like. I merged the threads and reopened.

I dunno. I’m only speculating, but didn’t Giraffe say something about urljet having some issues and that many of their sites were affected? Maybe the script kiddie messed with urljet’s DNS server or something. Again, just speculating.

It’s a reasonable supposition, but I don’t think they’re related. We’ve had this problem with URLjet before: they seem to have something mixed up in their automatic domain renewal billing system for us. Not sure how many tries it’s going to take them to fix it, but it’s getting old.

On the plus side, I was able to sign up for a free credit report for only $19.95 a month so now nobody can rip me off.

Ok, but try not to drop any vulgar terms for lady bits behind the sofa while you’re here. :wink:

Conceivably, it could be their parking page. If it were my site, I’d demand a percentage of the Google revenue, then blow it all on beer. Just sayin’.

OK, the domain has supposedly been renewed: it usually takes some time to propagate, but it should be up for everyone shortly.

Impatient types can use this url to get there immediately:

Did you invite that smug chick with the perky boobs to join, mod even?!?!?

Rebo? She’s already a mod. :confused:


Well done sir. Well done.

They must be giving you a sweet deal if, after messing up like this twice, you’re still doing business with them.

At least he’s not serving up malware.