Is it silly of me to get irritated over religious e-mail forwards?

I got this in my e-mail today:

I HATE these things, with a passion. I hate being asked to pray. What’s worse is this is someone at my work (I think) so I’m pretty sure they know I’m atheist. And they’re using their work e-mail to send me this.

Am I being silly?

No. I’d say, simply, “Please don’t forward these to me any more.”

If they do it again, ask why they refuse to ignore your stated wishes.

I always feel snarky doing it. Because you know, they think they’re doing you a favor.

Praying for other people is OK to some people. Well, Ok, if I don’t know about it. But trying to pry your religion into their lives is not!

I say no too. However, the kind of people who send me email that I have a different philosophy than, usually ONLY forward junk. So, I don’t miss much by not giving them my new address. Weeds out the stuff I wouldn’t read anyway and doesn’t defeat my purpose like telling them would. Many would do it just the same, regardless of requests.

I get those kind of emails at work from time to time as well (I’m also an athiest)

It does get to me, but I don’t say anything to the sender in fear I will hurt their feelings. So when I get them, I just delete them…

Maybe it’s just me, but I’d be more irritated by the fact that someone’s conflating a religious saint with a stupid chain mail and attempting to extort prayer!

I’m most offended by the fact that it’s Saint “Therese” (wish I could do the accent marks) of Lisieux. She had what she called her “little way” but is not known as “The Saint of the Little Ways” ?!

Other than that, I would politely let them know that you are not receptive to these e-mails; it’s even easier to say when you are talking about your work e-mail.

I think that’s completely inappropriate. Religious glurge from a friend or family member is annoying. From a co-worker, it’s totally out of line.

I think you should pray for them for being such jerks.

Also, the company I work for strives really hard to be neutral. We don’t take part in the abortion debate, because we want to help ALL babies once they’re born. We stay away from religion because ALL religions have premature babies, and have babies born with brith defects. And yet - someone is forwarding me this crap.

Two more things:

The person didn’t put a last name. We have two of the first name in our office, but I don’t know which one, and really neither seem like they’d do it. It was from their Excite address, so I can’t tell.

I don’t mind if you write me frivolous things, or send me a cute little picture of a kitten, or whatever. I don’t like agenda-driven things in the workplace. I don’t think my employer needs to know my politics, or my religion, or my personal viewpoints on anything but maybe what I had for lunch.

I love getting those things! I live to rewrite them in a nasty, sarcastic manner and hit “reply all.”

I’ve got **Eve ** on my side! I am now clad in the Armor of Righteousness and will never doubt again!

Thanks, Eve!

Tell here you’re a devout Protestant and that you consider prayer to saints to be idol worship.

Eve, can I adopt you? I mean, you’re older than I am and it’s not like I can take care of anybody, I just think we should be related somehow.

Anyway, Elenia, it’s not silly to get irritated by this crap. There’s a reason this stuff is called “glurge” instead of “a good use of your time” or “wonderful happy way-to-go helping people-mail.” “Glurge” is the sound of bile rising in your throat as you read yet another stupid e-mail from an idiot you’d like to throttle while screaming “Where’s Jesus now, punk!” They keep pushing us, don’t they? One of these days…

Thanks, everyone. I found out who it was, and needless to say, it shocked me. I mean, I know she’s Catholic, but I have never felt the need to hide my atheism in the office (thankfully). And even if I was religious, I don’t believe in worshiping saints - they’re just people, anyway.

(Don’t get me started on Mother Teresa. I’m Indian after all, and when I think of the damage she did to us with her no-condom policy…grrrr)

I’m pretty devoutly Catholic. Still, I don’t like glurge sent to me. I made mention of the fact that I thought they were inappropriate during a company-wide meeting. At my personal e addy, the only person who sends me religious stuff is my friend’s mother, who happens to be an atheist. Still, she insists on sending every urban legend and glurge she comes across. My friend told her I’m religious, so I guess she thinks it’s what I want. She’s wrong, but it’s easier to delete it than ask her to stop.


I get those things all the time, and really get annoyed when they imply some fate worse than death will happen if I do not annoy several of my friends and forward it on to them as well. Plus, it is even worse when some AOL idiot forwards the email as it is now attached to 193 other forwarded emails and you have to scroll down a city block to get to the damned holy chain mail.

I tried to tell people to stop sending that crap - one friend didn’t speak to me for about a year while she sulked over that email.

But now I just delete them.

Now if I could just find a way to stop the European friends I have from sending those godawful Hallmark E-greeting cards…

I think Jesus would get irritated over an e-mail like that.

I tells ya, just make vicious fun of them and hit “reply all.” Problem solved.

I don’t think it is silly to get irritated, but I think it is silly to think that your being atheist has anything to do with your right to be irritated by such wastes of time. I used to send a bunch of stuff (not usually quite that glurg-y) to a mailing list of members of a Christian group I belonged to. Then one day I sent e-mail asking if anyone actually liked getting “devotional fluff”. The unanimous response was “no”. The funny thing is that my primary source of such stuff quit sending so much to me voluntarily within a couple of months of that.

Having said that, if you have reason to believe that a particular person does send it to you because of your atheism, you have a right to be irritated by it on the grounds of being an atheist. I just think that people who probably do share the religious beliefs of the sender and the creator have a right to be irritated due to the time-wasting and general uselessness even from a spiritual point of view of most such stuff.