Is it time to just pay and leave negative Ebay feedback?

I ordered a couple songbooks on Ebay. At checkout (per directions on the listing) I requested a combined invoice with shipping discount. It’s a couple bucks.

Often a bot will immediately do its magic on Ebay. The order gets combined and ready to pay in seconds. Easy and routine.

Nope. Wait 2 days. Nothing. :rolleyes: I contact seller, please combine shipping. Two days more and no reply. Did I mention how much I dislike being ignored?

Now I get two emails, from Ebay - Please Pay for Your Items. That really set me on edge. I just fired off another contact seller message. With a bit of heat. I hate being on Ebays warning list.

Should I just pay and leave negative feedback? That this seller never responds to contact seller messages?

I don’t want to dinged by Ebay for non-payment. All over a stinking $2 discount that seems to be not coming.

btw why doesn’t Ebay just combine shipping like any other online retailer? Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy all manage to total up shipping at checkout. Amazon shipping is free on orders over $35. Simple. Easy. Hassle Free. I just ordered a refrigerator from Best Buy. (it’s not stocked in their retail stores, they order it from a manufacturer) The thing weighs 250lbs and shipping cost? Free.

Why do we have to go through this ridiculous dance with Sellers? How many Ebay transactions are completed daily? 75,000? 100,000? 250,000? Seems pretty darn inefficient.

An old adage: would you rather be right or be happy? Pay it. One of the reasons I quit selling on eBay is because they’ve pretty much eliminated human contact. Between that, the fee structure and their assumption that the seller is always wrong make it not worth the aggravation.

I’ll wait until the morning and give the seller 24 hours to respond to the last contact seller message. Then pay. Its not worth the grief for $2.

I suspect no human is even receiving these contact seller messages. There’s know telling what this seller has set up to automate his Ebay store.

I’ll need to wait before entering feedback. Get my items. Hopefully he’ll ship promptly. Then I may just give him one star on Communication and leave it at that. No need to vent my frustrations in feedback

The problem with that is that he’ll likely respond in kind and claim that ‘you got your bill promptly, and the item was shipped, so what’s your problem, man?’ I’d just let it go and not buy from him again.

It’s possible the seller is out of contact due to his day job, a personal emergency or being away on travel. Just pay it to keep good standing with Ebay then give the seller one more chance after you receive the goods. If he still doesn’t offer discount or if he doesn’t ship the goods, then leave negative/neutral feedback so other buyers have advance warning.

IMO, there’s no point in leaving feedback unless you explain why. People will just assume it’s a fluke. The whole point of feedback is to warn others. If they’re okay with what he did, great. If not, they can take their business elsewhere.

Sellers can’t leave negative feedback. And see above.