Is it too soon for Iraq War Films?

Reading the Entertainment Weekly preview of upcoming Fall/Winter movies, I noted a lot were about Iraq, war prisoners, soldiers going AWOL from Iraq war, and in general “war on terrorism” topics.
My question for you folks: Is it too soon to be making these movies? Obviously there is no historical perspective on events yet. Is it offensive to people fighting and dying in Iraq (including innocent civilians) to be making money-generating entertainment vehicles out of their plights? Where, if anywhere, does one draw the line?
My take is (as usual for me) undecided, which is why I’m eager to hear your views. On the one hand, it didn’t bother me that “A Mighty Heart” was made, perhaps because it focused so much on one family. On the other hand I look back on Vietnam movies. I think the best ones were done at least a few years after the conflict, and probably this holds true for WWII as well. Of course, who knows when this conflict will end, and I don’t know if moviemakers calling a moratorium on the topic would be a good thing.
So, what do you all think?

Wasn’t Casablanca made before the U.S. was even in the war? I think that means it is never too soon, or that Hollywood execs are blood sucking mercenary vampires. Take your pick :slight_smile:

They made WWII movies while we were in WWII, and Vietnam War movies while we were in Vietnam, so why not?

Historical perspective and accuracy have never really been a big deal for movies. And people have been doing plays about the war since it started, or close. There’s no reason movies have to wait.

It takes place before Pearl Harbor, but it was made the year after.

I think an important point to make is that all the films in question that are due for release are making some sort of commentary on the war. This isn’t Kelly’s Heroes or some film that’s merely using the war as a backdrop for an adventure film. Also, I think it’s perfectly appropriate to explore issues around war, occupation, oil, soldiers both abroad and returning home, etc. through a narrative device. At least one of the films (Charlie Wilson’s War with Tom Hanks & Julia Roberts) has to do with the was in Afghanistan in the 80s, so even though it has a contemporary resonance, it still is a bit removed for the here-&-now. But even for those that are, I’m sure some (but maybe not all) will deal with issues around American deaths, mistakes, and policies sensitively and “honestly” (a loaded term based on your own political views).

I look forward to just about all of them.

You can always watch Three Kings about the first Iraqi War. Not a bad movie although not really a war movie.

It’s apparently never too soon for Hollywood to take the wrong side in any political situation.

My grandmother once told be that she was taken to a Pearl Harbor movie on Valentine’s Day. In 1942.

Or “Jarhead” which, is that a “war movie”?

FX broadcast “Over There” about the current Iraq War starting in 2005. It only lasted one season. Whether that’s because it was “too soon” or not, who knows?

Certainly creative artists should not feel like they shouldn’t be able to create material on the basis of the time that’s elapsed since a particular event, but they should do so with the understanding that the elapsed time may affect how their work is perceived by their potential audience.