Is it took much to ask that you take a flattering picture

I had my passport renewed today. The lovely lady at the passport center apent a lot of time before she was happy with the new biometric photo. Chin up, tilt to the left and instead of looking natural she took a photograph which…well I have seen sex offender photos which look better.

It’s not enough that government functionaries destroy your soul with endless paperwork to get a single document renewed (yes I have travelled before, that’s why I have a passport. No I am not currently an under trial prisoner) but they must clobber your self image as well.

Who cares what their passport pic or their driver’s license photo looks like? As long as you’re recognizable enough that a cop or customs agent can tell it’s you, why would you worry?

It’s not like you’re going to be posting it on your wall or facebook page.

I hear ya. The pictures of Saddam Hussein after he was pulled out of his spider hole looked more flattering than my passport photo.

Driver’s license pictures used to be hell on earth too before they finally started using digital cameras so they could re-take pictures without the DMV people snarling at you. One time my mother closed her eyes when the flash went off, so they had to redo the picture and growled at her about opening her eyes. She had her eyes open so wide it looked like someone had goosed her, and that was the photo they made her use.

ETA Dear Fenris: I care so that I don’t go GAAAH! every time I open my wallet :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been at my job since 1998. On one of my first days here, they took my “official work ID photo”, which has been on my security card ever since. It’s also the photo they have on file for me in the company directory, which means if someone in the company wants to know what I look like, they can easily pull up this picture.

Now, let me ask you something – do any of you look the same as you did nearly 14 years ago? Because that was a pretty damn bad picture back then, and now it’s just a pretty damn bad picture of some scraggly-ass looking dude who looks vaguely like me.

And no, for some inconceivable reason*, they will not take an updated picture.

*Actually, it’s perfectly conceivable – they’re a bunch of lazy dillholes.

i am 1000 percent behind this rant. Indiana’s Bureau of Motor Vehicles takes godawful pictures as well. I look awful, because my hair is not covering my ears, i’m not smiling, and my chin is at a lousy angle.

At my old job I had to take passport photos. Talk about a disheartening task. People would exclaim “Oh God, that’s awful!” when I gave them their picture.

The worst part was taking the photos of small children because all the same rules apply: looking straight ahead, mouth closed, no smiling. It’s nearly impossible to achieve with a child under 2.

We have to have biometric photos taken for our ids at work. The reason for the faffing? Basically to get your face to fit a template so that if/when it’s used for biometric identification, they’ve got certain key points in your face lined up with key points in their software. It means you’ve got to do stupid things like not smile, have your teeth together, tilt your head a certain way etc. etc.

It really makes for some unpleasant photographs. But it makes lining features up for morphing software really easy.

Amen. I had a really nice haircut done just before my passport photo was taken, and then I was duly instructed to tuck my hair behind my ears, etc. Then I kept smiling and was told off, which made me smile even more from nerves. Horrible things, passport photos!

The same thing happened to my brother. It was the most hilarious driver’s license picture ever! He said if he ever got pulled over, that *is *what he would look like. :smiley:

I tried to do it the next time I had my photo taken, but the DMV lady made me do it over again.

That’s easy, just conveniently “lose” or break your ID in half. Oops!

That doesn’t work. My boyfriend has been with his employer since 2005. They have given him 3 new IDs. Each one has the same picture and each one says he works in public relations (he’s a broadcast engineer).

I feel better about my ID now. My department’s name is spelled wrong. :smack:

My passport photo looks like a mug shot. The only thing missing is the WANTED banner above my head.

I now know why Immigration officials are so suspicious, I would not ever let the guy who looked like that in.

Sounds like AK84 meant to post this on his Facebook page.

When my wife and I renewed our passports last year we were able to take and submit our own pictures. OP, do you not live in the US?

Anyhow, I’m pretty much with the “who cares” crowd. I don’t go around showing my passport photo to everyone I meet. Some stranger behind a desk looks at it a couple times a year, and they never seem very worried about whether or not the photo is flattering, as long as they can tell it’s me.

The joke goes, “If you look like your passport photo, you really need a holiday.”

With the new guidelines, the passport office has been rejecting more applications because the photos were not in accordance. If you’re going to be at the passport office if may be easier to let them take it and make sure it’s OK before you submit.

Tried that. They just printed me a new one with the picture on file.

I care because a rent-a-cop once proved that it is possible to take a pic for an ID card which actually looks like someone I’d want to meet, rather than like I just got out of bed after a 15-day bender.

Plus anyway half the cops in the country wouldn’t recognize my drivers license pic: I got a haircut… :stuck_out_tongue:
And Wheelz, AK is from Pakistan and does not live in the US.