The passport picture thread

I need to renew my passport this year, so I took a picture in one of those booths this morning. Passport pictures are weird, to me atleast, I don’t really recognize myself. It’s like hearing a recording off your own voice.

So this is me, times four. I have no idea why I’m acting like I don’t know where the camera is.

Maybe you have a passport picture buried beneath junk in one of your drawers, or stamped to your fridge, and feel like sharing you too?

No, no pix – just wanted to say I envy people who look good (or at least not like they just escaped from a facility for the criminally insane) in photo IDs.

And – BTW – I’d like to remind you that I’ve got first dibs if you decide to embark upon a career as a gigolo.

twixter, you really are on the prowl. You should join the crowd in the virtual hot tub. Help yourself to a drink from the cooler.

And Hüsker Düde, I’m one of those who never looks good in mug shots. That is, “not good” in a terribly boring sort of a way without so much as a surprised expression or one of those great transitional faces.

“on the prowl” – nah, I’m just reminding Husker Dude of a an agreement we reached a couple of months ago.

Remember the wise words of Sellars & Yetman in “1066 and all That” to the effect that a passport photo will allow you to pass just about anywhere totally unrecognised.
Celyn - who once worked in the Passport Office and enjoyed finding out that lots of people’s pics are nearly as bad as mine.:slight_smile:

Mine looks like I haven’t slept for days and I am willing to kill the person who finds the drugs stashed in my luggage…

A brief career as a gigolo might not be entirely unthinkable this month twickster, coca cola and ramen noodles for breakfast, lunch and dinner can’t be healthy. Is good though.

You know… if anyone feels like posting his or her mug shots taken in jail, then hey, by all means go for it.