Is it true that when ducks quack, there is no echo?

Is it true that when ducks quack, there is no echo? I heard it somewhere, and I can’t imagine how that is possible. k thx.

Not true.

Welcom aboard Neonfish07. This question has been asked several times, so you might find all you need to know in one of these threads…

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It’s also worth running a search before starting a thread in the General Questions forum.

Neither is it true that the elephant is the only animal that cannot jump(which I am pretty sure you will have heard from the same source); consider oysters, snails, earthworms, tortoises, scale insects - none of these can jump.

Am I the only guy who read that, and thought of a guy trying to train his pet snail to jump?
“Come on Zippy, you can do it jump boy, jump.”

Oh and getting back to the OP, I have heard the echo of a duck’s quack.

A lot of these types of “facts” are being spread by none other than Snapple, which currently has various “weird yet true” items printed on their bottle caps. Most of the ones I’ve seen are actually true AFAIK, but some (such as the quack echo) are not. I guess they just harvested them from the net.

-Andrew L

I always heard that the elephant was the only animal with knees that couldn’t jump.

Tortoises have knees, but only one kneecap, which, oddly, is situated under the chin. This is why they cannot quack.

If a duck quacks in a canyon, and no one is around to hear it, does it still echo?

That quacked me right up.
Carry on.

The Snapple cap says that the elephant is the only mammal that can’t jump, IIRC.

The Snapple cap says that the elephant is the only mammal that can’t jump, IIRC.

It is true that most of the time a duck’s quack does not have any “echo” if you define “echo” as something that can be easily heard.

But that holds true for most sounds.

Does the question “Is it true that when ducks quack, there is no echo?” have an echo?

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And just for good measure, Is the camel the only animal that can’t swim?

No, but you are the first person to name a fictitious snail “Zippy.”

Not true. I am fairly certain that most animals’ knees cannot jump.

I once had a half shoulder of lamb that would sit up and beg.

larry bird’s a mammal.

Having a second look at the threads I linked to before I noticed a trend:

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What is it about these drive-by newbies that are fascinated by quacking ducks and then disappear without trace when they discover it’s all garbage? Have they got nothing else to say? Are they scared off by the “humourous” contributions their threads generate? Will we ever hear from Neonfish07 again?