Is it worth getting an ipad if I already have an ipod3 and an iphone4?

Does the ipad have anything significantly improved upon than its smaller apple counter parts in terms of software?

How good is the screen keyboard compared to a hardware keyboard?

How good is the video ‘experience’? Streaming from youtube and iplayer (if you’re a uk doper - have you used iplayer on the device?)

Does the orientation lock feature lock into landscape? (I know the ipod and iphone will only lock to portrait - not landscape)

What is battery life like compared to ipod/iphone?

It’s different from an iPhone, mostly because it’s bigger. (BTW, note that a new version of the iPad is expected shortly, so I recommend holding off for a bit.) I don’t have much experience with the onscreen keyboard, but if you want a physical keyboard, you can get Bluetooth keyboards as accessories. Some are sold as part of an iPad case.

The iPad is an absolutely awesome video player. YouTube quality is pretty bad, but NetFlix or AirVideo streaming is amazing.

Once you start using the ipad, you’ll be hooked.

I have a couple iPods, 2 iPhones in the house (mine and Mr. Athena’s) and we bought an iPad a couple months ago. It’s a whole lot different than either iphone/iPod - the larger screen alone makes it a whole different thing.

It’s WAY easier for web browsing, the apps are easier to use, it’s just generally better than the iPhone. We fight over who gets to use it. Highly recommended.