Is it wrong of me to be amazed/mesmerized by the female gymnasts?

Even though some of them are as young as 16?

Watching them makes me want to get fit. They show me what the human body is capable of. And because they are female I appreciate them that little bit more. (While I have the same admiration for the male gymnast’s abilities, my heterosexuality limits my… er… mesmiration)

Depending on your own age, ogling a sixteen year old might be a little “wrong”, for lack of a better word, but otherwise, no – you’re watching some of the greatest athletes on Earth with bodies to match. I don’t really see the issue.

I’m not sure exactly in what sense you mean it, but it doesn’t strike me as wrong off hand… maybe a little creepy if what you’re interested in is the gymnasts themselves; even if they’re 16-18 they rarely look it. Most of the girls I saw the other day looked more like 12-14.

If you mean in the Jerry Seinfeld, “I was hoping to be the apparatus” way, hell yeah, that’s wrong. Creepy and criminal. Find someone taller than 4 foot 8 with actual hips and breasts to slobber over.

Phfft! Bwa-ha-ha-ha…

Shoot aint nothing wrong with watching bud. Hell just last week I had to go pick my nephew up at his high school. It just blew my mind how beautiful some of these girls were.

And yes you’ll get some people that will tell you you’re going to hell for lusting after 16yo old girls. But screw it! As I’ve heard from many a gay people on this board, you can’t help what you’re attracted to. So in my opinion, as long as you don’t try to persue said girls; then all is right as rain.

Don’t have to slobber at the TV when the Mrs. is a former gymnast. Rhythmic even. :smiley:

I have to agree with SHAKES here.

When I was a 9 year old boykid, I thought 9 year old girlies were deliciously cute, even though they were simultaneously The Other Side and had to be defeated in the various intergender competitions common to the world of 9 year olds. At 9 years old, I didn’t want to do them, mind you, as my appetite didn’t have that kind of specifically focused intent, but there was lust. (And older girls and women were not the interesting ones, just the girls more or less my own age). Nor was I the only one: the trick of dropping a pencil or some such object and peeking up girls’ skirts from floor level which picking it up was well-known.

At 14, the girls my age looked incredible and it was hard not to stare and ogle. I probably still wasn’t ready to do them but I was up for some experimentation that might lead in that direction if given the opportunity. As for the 9 year olds, I had less interest in them than I had had back when I was 9 but the specifically female, sexualized cuteness of them was still there and still perceptible, it wasn’t like they got ugly as I aged out of that cohort. I was just into older women, like 13 and 14 and 15 year olds :slight_smile:

Decades later, it’s as if I still have a 9 year old boy’s appreciation of the ways in which 9 year old girls are cute, and that of a 14 year old boy for 14 year old girls, not to mention a 22 year old guy’s responsiveness to 22 year old chicks and the lust for the wimmins of 40 that a 40 year old dude knows of.

• I wouldn’t want to do anything erogenous with the 9 year olds, just as I didn’t want that when I was 9 myself

• There are a lot of good reasons why I consider 14 year old girls off-limits but I could see how the flavor of the appetite itself could lead to some fooling around, and this would include most of your gymnasts. It may be politically incorrect in our current climate but yeah, they are cute and sexy (in a 14 year old sort of not very serious way); I was attracted to them when I was 14 and they didn’t lose all fascination for me as I got older and I don’t consider myself a potential child molestor or dirty old man or anything.

Watch college gymnastics instead.

Yes, they do look very young. Really, they don’t look as if they’ve hit puberty, not that a woman has to have breasts and curves to be attractive, but these girls look underdeveloped.

Now, the Brazilian volleyball team is a different story. :smiley:

Short answer: No, and be glad they don’t have the 14-year-olds at this level any more.

It’s normal for a healthy hetero male to be mesmerized by a 16y/o displaying outstanding fitness, litheness, rhythm and flexibility. It would not be appropriate for me, for instance (43) to actively pursue her as a mate, but nothing wrong with appreciating her gifts.

It is wrong however to watch and look for camel toe. :dubious:

No I too found them extremely hot (some of them anyway) - and quite sexy. But to actually ask one of them out??? HA HA HA HA

ME: Boy, I remember causing such a stir in my family when I voted for Clinton in '92

HER: Who’s Clinton?

As a spin on the OP…is it wrong to watch any and all Olympic events solely to ogle the athletes?

Clearly not.

It is if you find yourself spending more and more time watching the equestrian events.

Hey I liked that horses ass

Everytime I watch them chicks running and jumping half naked all over the place ,I’ve dirty thoughts. So what, I’m a guy at least I know I 'm still fertile.

Switch over to the womens beach volleyball. Real women with real curves. :slight_smile:

You clearly haven’t seen the derrierres on the US Women’s Gymnastics team…

The Volleyballers are built like toothpicks in comparison.

:cool: (Watching with sunglasses on so no one can tell I’m looking at their nice butts.)

No, no, no. Women’s water polo. That’s the good show. Too bad they don’t show them out of the water very often.