Is Jimmy Carter dying?

Not to get too specific, but my company just got a job for stamping dies for the funeral program of Jimmy Carter. Anybody know if he’s close to death? Or is this just one of those things they do to prepare, just in case, for a former president?

There’s a surprise!

Still, he is geting on in years.

No news online yet. Send an e-mail to Drudge.

Hmmm. You know, I’d rather not.

Well, I just found this article that suggests he’s making his own funeral plans but doesn’t indicate he’s ill. It sounds more like he knows he’s getting older and just wants to have everything worked out in advance.

Does Rachm Qoch have an opinion about this?

Aren’t we all dying?

Unless he (or his widow) decide otherwise he’ll recieve a state funeral. It doesn’t surprise me that plans are already in place. In the UK not only do senior royals plan their funeral in advance once they turn 80 the military holds annual rehearsals in the middle of the night. When Diana died suddenly there weren’t any funeral plans in place at all (intially the Queen thought it was a matter for the Spencer family). Her funeral ended up being copied (with modifications) from the Queen Mum’s.

Maybe they’re covering all contingencies, as in this Saturday Night Live skit (warning: video).

The Pentagon has plans on file for the state funerals of all former Presidents. I remember when Reagan died a few years ago, it was revealed that he’d gone over the plans before Alzheimer’s overtook him and signed off on what the DoD had proposed. Next of kin can also request changes after the death of the ex-President; I guess Nancy had some alterations that she asked for and DoD granted.

I’ve heard and read nothing to suggest that Carter is dying.

I know! Just look at the date you’re printing on the funeral program!


Anyone know if he went to the Democratic convention in Denver?

He was a superdelegate, so he was there. While there, he was interviewed by USA Today, and probably by others as well.

A man’ll tell his bartender things he’d never tell his doctor.

Even though he wasn’t the greatest president we’ve had, his work with Habitat For Humanity has impressed me very much. When he dies, that’ll be a sad day for me. Besides, the man escaped being eaten alive by a killer rabbit, that has to have gained him some extra time :stuck_out_tongue: