Is 'Joe Millionaire' actually a reality show?

I will skip my thoughts about how dumb I think the new show ‘Joe Millionaire’ is, and just discuss my question of whether or not it is actually a ‘reality show’ as claimed by FOX. The show features a common construction worker named Joe who earns about $19,000 per year. FOX found 25 women and told them that he was a multi-millionaire, and now they compete to be his wife. What is there in that plot that has anything to do with reality? They shipped them off to Scotland, claiming that his house was a large mansion. So it’s not really his house, he’s not really rich…what is real about the show? Sounds like it should be a ‘fake show’ to me.

… assuming you are serious with this question, I think the reason it’s considered ‘Reality tv’ is because the participants are not actors for whom scripts are written on a weekly basis, etc. It’s ‘real’ in the sense that everything that happens (supposedly) is a ‘real’ reaction to the events as they play out.

As for the more proper moniker for this type of show, perhaps we could go with something like ‘Deception tv’ or something?

The ‘reality’ tags along with the cameras, supposedly…because the teaser is watching the womens’ unscripted reactions to the news that they have ‘wasted’ X amount of time with a broke construction worker. Not a handsome millionaire. I guess it’s kind of like Candid Camera, only…er…with lots of bleach and plenty of greedy bitches. (So really, it’s like Dynasty without the script. Er…you know, I’m gonna leave this one alone now…)

What I find amusing is the show’s premise that all the other Bachelor/Bachelorette shows were based on peoples’ search for L-U-V. Not exposure and the almighty dollar.

I wonder how many of these chicks “Joe” nailed…

Relax. I’m just kidding. Maybe.

Reality TV, is an odd term, a better one would probably be unreality TV. Shows which claim this title like Big Brother here in the UK are heavily edited to make interesting viewing and while Endemol claim that we all saw true representations of the contestants* some of them disagree.

It gained popularity as a genre and as a phrase here with the advent of Big Brother a so-called reality TV show, although some of the contestants disagree.

It’s tends to be a genre with very blurred boundaries, crossing over in to game show and drama (shows like BB are heavily edited)

What other shows claim to be reality TV? Here in the UK we had the BBC’s Castaway a so-called psychological/sociological experiment in which a group of people had to live in isolation on an island for a year while being filmed. A years worth of footage was compressed into very few programmes and again participants claim they were edited to look like ‘the villain’. Hoe would you edit in, with a years worth of footage and a rating s battle to win?

I seem to have drifted away from the OP, so I apologise, to get back on track. . .

Is Millionaire Joe reality TV, as much as anything can claim the moniker yes, the participants are real and their reactions are ‘real.’

Reality TV claims to be an exact reflection of reality - but unless I have a camera implanted in my eye this ain’t gonna happen.

As long as they ad lib…

BTW, Superspy try the Cafe Society forum, there are topics on the show there.

It’s a brilliant idea for a show. Finally put those damn gold diggers in their place.

Dumb question: How much money is Joe making off this show?

Well, I don’t know, I mean, ok so when it is reveled the guy is a 19 k a year “Joe” what is she supposed to do, I mean she had been lied to with most likely the express purpose of making her look like a fool. Why wouldn’t she, after th truth is revelaed decide to tell the guy to go reproduce with himself?

Who cares? I just can’t wait to see the look on those evil chicks’ faces when the truth is revealed.

I don’t know if I’d call them “evil chicks”, but I’m not losing sleep at night worrying about their delicate feelings when they find out that they’ve been kissing up to a guy who is not, after all, a millionaire. Boo hoo hoo.

Not that the women deserve it, but I thought it would be very cool to do the show as a double surprise, tell the women he’s rich, reveal that he is poor at the enc, then reveal that the public was duped, and that he really IS rich. I watched a little last night and I truly hate myself for it.