Is Kevin Smith's "Jersey Girl" doomed because of "Gigli"?

Will people not even give it a chance, because it’s another Affleck-Lopez movie?

People will give it a chance because it’s a Kevin Smith movie.

I hope so, but the stink of Gigli is pretty powerful. That wasn’t just failure, but spectacular failure. That was failure that sends its tentacles forth, poisoning puppies and kittens.

I’m certainly not giving it a chance.

Define “doomed.” It’ll make as much as a normal Kevin Smith picture (which is not all that much, relative to blockbusters). It’s not going to get any box office boost from having Bennifer, though.

Well, apparently Jennifer Lopez’s character dies very early in the film, so maybe that will bring people in.

It shouldn’t matter. The major factor is how good “Jersey Girl” is, not how bad “Gigli” was.

It shouldn’t matter, but in the real world, it does. Many people might not even find out whether or not Jersey Girl is any good, because Gigli was so universally disliked.

I think Gigli a potentially disastrous factor, but balanced by the fact that many people will see a Kevin Smith movie, just because he made it.

I imagine worst case scenario it’ll drag all of Smith’s fans to the theater and it’ll make twenty million or so. I also won’t be surprised when the advertising campaign for the movie hypes up George Carlin, Jason Biggs, Liv Tyler and Matt Damon so as to distract people from Affleck and Lopez being the main stars. It’s supposed to have a budget of $35 million, but I don’t see it coming anywhere near that, although they should make up some of the shortfall on the back end with DVDs and whatever else.

I don’t see why Kevin Smith is incapable of making a film without Ben Affleck these days.

Are you people kidding? The general moviegoing populace has already forgotten that Gigli ever existed.

Well, I won’t pay to see it.

Not because of the failure of Gigli, but rather because it features Jennifer Lopez, which also happens to be why I avoided Gigli, regardless of the bad press.

I think Ben Affleck is great, and he generally delivers. His presence is usually something that will encourage me to give a movie a chance. (Not writ in stone – I don’t plan on seeing Daredevil, because it looks like a lump of undigestible cheese.)

Jennifer Lopez is a deal-breaker though. I’d rather stay home drive railroad spikes up my nostrils with a rubber mallet.

From what I understand, the titular “Jersey Girl” is Liv Tyler, not J-Lo, and J-Lo actually dies very early in the film. If Kevin and Ben are lucky, the studio will promote the movie as “BEN AFFLECK AND LIV TYLER IN JERSEY GIRL” and leave J-Lo’s name off the posters and the ad campaign.

But since that kind of stuff is all written into stars’ contracts in advance, I doubt very much it’ll go down that way.

Heh heh, you said “titular”.

J-Lo dies so that others may Liv.

You can’t imagine how funny I find that joke.

Larry Mudd, you are one sick man. :smiley: Thanks awfully for the visual…ew…

I think the bigger concern is " Since Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back was terrible, and even fans of the series disliked it, will anyone see another Kevin Smith movie?"

Good marketing could tie in to the failure of Gili

“They tried it once before, and damn, did it suck. You knew even this guy (cut to still of K.S. as silent Bob.) could make a better film.”

“And did he ever…”
Or not.

I like Darth’s marketing idea–because I have to agree that theatrically at least, the Gigli thing has probably doomed it. Lord knows I’ll wait to netflix it by an order of months, if at all.