Is Lindsay Graham going to lose his seat?

No need. Absolutely allowed, fine, justified and good as long as it propels the Ways of RIGHTeousness. They’re that way.

Is Lindsay Graham going to lose his seat?


I’ve been trying so hard to ignore the obvious double entendre that I think my head might explode.

Well, if he doesn’t lose it, maybe he can at least have it handed to him.

What happened to the short-lived “Lady G” meme? Was that seen as too far below the belt?

Quite a bit on the Graham/Harrison race here:

Right now Gardner, McSally and Collins are in deep shit. The Pubbies will pull one back in Alabama but there are hotly contested races in NC, Georgia and Iowa and, astoundingly, in Kansas, SC, Texas and Mississippi.

Donald J. Trump’s incompetence and cruelty is killing the GOP in this election.

Nate Silver has it at about 75% chance that Graham keeps his seat.

I don’t think outing him would help. Most of SC suspects he’s gay. But, he’s the ‘good’ type of gay that keeps it in the closet and doesn’t rub your nose in it

This. You don’t want to attack Graham for being gay (assuming he is) just like you wouldn’t want to attack Tim Scott for being black.

Wait, what, he’s black? Really?

Don’t tell anyone - he hasn’t come out to his parents yet.

Dammit, this is the kind of thing the voters of South Carolina deserve to know.

I’ve seen too many “dead heat” races with a Dem going up against an incumbent Rep. The Dem never wins, and I fear this time it will be the same.

And especially in SC, it is so inelastic, so red and so many people just don’t ’do Democrats’ as I was told repeatedly

FiveThirtyEight has an article up about this. The fact is that Democrats is South Carolina routinely get 40-45% of the vote through a combination of black and liberal white voters. It’s getting beyond that ceiling that’s proven difficult, as almost all other white voters simply will not vote for a Democratic candidate.

As for gay or lesbian politicians, the only time you want to attack them for being that is when they’re outright hypocrites. That is, if they publicly oppose LGBT+ rights while at the same time having lots of fun in that closet or something along those lines. Larry Craig, for example

Doesn’t Lindsay Graham do this? Or no?

I’ll be disappointed if Harrison doesn’t win, but I will take satisfaction in that it cost Graham a lot more money than he expected and made him (and the GOP at large) utterly miserable for months. It doesn’t balance out, but it helps.

Not as far as anyone knows. I don’t think he’s ever been known to have been in a relationship. He’s probably asexual.