Is Marijuana legal in any South America countries?

OK, so this is one of those questions that comes from one of my odd dreams. Last night I had a dream where I decided to try Marijuana and so I went to a friend and former boss who is from Peru to get some. (To the best of my knowledge he would have no better idea where to get some in real life than I do.)

Anyway, how is Marijuana viewed in most countries south of the border?

It’s legal in North America if you ignore all related prohibition laws.

Here’s a link to a Wikipedia article called Legality of cannabis by country

Ignorance of the law is not an affirmative defense.

It is if everyone does it.

Ivan, let’s keep the thread on-topic and skip the jokes until there have been serious answers to the question. This isn’t the forum for debates, either, so if you want to talk about whether marijuana should be legal, take that to GD.

Small amounts in mexico has just recently become legal, in addition to heroin lsd and meth.