Is Matt Lauer undergoing chemotherapy or something?

Because thats the only reason I can think of that would justify his fucked up doo. Whatever stylist told him to shave his head needs to be shot square in the forehead.

Does he really think he looks better like that? I never thought he was studly before, but he looks like a fucking jagoff with that buzz cut. It just doesn’t work.

Also, GET JLO OFF THE FUCKING TODAY SHOW ALREADY! No one gives a shit unless she is shaking her ass or flashing her tits.

WHERE??? Link???

Wiping the drool from my chin…

IIRC, he got tired of messing with his hair and just shaved it all off.

Matt Lauer is so damn adorable that he can have any old hair-do he wants, in my opinion.

My take on it is that he probably has thining hair which was beginnng to look like thining hair and he wanted to confront the “issue” before he allowed himself to spiral recklessly into the depths of the comb over.

Actually, the conventional wisdom for men with thinning hair (though, in my opinion, not widely enough held) is that they get it cut very, very short. Having a short do makes the hair look a bit more thick. Having any length that requires combing (when it’s that thin) just looks…pathetic. With his old haircut, you could see his scalp from just about any angle. He’s just getting thin on the old noggin’.

Personally, it took some getting used to but overall, I think it’s better than having a very thin head of hair and combing it. I’m not saying it looks great…only that it looks better than a comb-over.

I’ve always sort of wondered…when men have a comb over and they get in the shower, doesn’t the long end (the part they comb over) always come down to their neck or something? I wonder why that doesn’t seem odd to them.



I completely agree with you. He looks awful.

I thought of starting a thread called Where in the World is Matt Lauer’s Hair? awhile back, when I saw his unfortunate balding crewcut. Well, I guess when you’re a celeb losing your hair, it really is hard to decide on the proper course of action . . .

As short as it is, he might do better to shave it completely. Although one wonders how much time that would add to his makeup sessions before they go on the air.

Matt Lauer is dreamy.

And Stinkpalm, I second your emotion! Jeninifer Lopez, LEAVE US ALONE!

I’ve got one word for him – Propecia. My bald boss took it and voila! He actually grew hair! Real hair! Truly awesome.

There may be another reason for Lauer’s silly hair. When I was a kid, weatherman Willard Scott wore a toupee while on the news set here in DC, but happily threw it off when he was broadcasting outdoors. The explanation I recall at the time was that the studio lighting produced an annoying glare off his head, so he went for the rug indoors.

(Willard also claims to liven up his parties by putting his toupee on his dog.)

Well, it’s better than Marv Albert or whatever that guy’s name was with the toupee. Talk about a dead squirrel sitting on your head.

Matt Lauer does look terrible. Can’t they find some attractive way to shave your head these days? You know, try to even out your head or something?