Is Megadeth's Dave Mustaine Dead? [asked in 2004, still alive in 2012]

Wikipedia lists him as a recent death . Of course this is hardly a reliable source. But say it ain’t so!

I don’t see him on that list now, and his bio doesn’t include a date of death. I think I’d have probably heard about it had he died.

Gar Samuelson, Megadeth’s original drummer, died of liver failure a few years ago. Maybe they got confused somehow?

Don’t think so. The band played Boston on Friday, Philly on Saturday, and is hitting Montreal on Sunday. Dave has been relatively straight for several years, particularly since going through a long reheb process for his left arm.

I know he performed in Reno in just the last month or so.

Sidenote: I saw him on celebrity Jeopardy! a while back, and he is smart!

If Dave were dead, I would’ve heard about it already. So no.

Dave has actually been legally declared dead twice, but he’s not actually dead. So yes, he has died, but no, he’s not dead.

Obligatory zombie reference.

Does brain-dead count?

Then I completely mis-understood what it meant when I read that he is a born-again christian.

Edited thread title to point out that he is still alive as of August 2012.

…still mostly alive most of the time as of August 2012.

Possibly the biggest asshole in music today.