Megadeth's Dave Mustaine has throat cancer

His doctors say the planned treatment has a 90% success rate.

I’m surprised the guy’s still alive.

I read his autobiography a while back, and while my speculation about it was incorrect (that it would make Motley Crue’s “The Dirt” look like the McGuffey Reader; THAT turned out to be the other way around) he’s had a terrible life, and admits it.

p.s. There’s been a similar rumor about Neil Peart for over 30 years. AFAIK, that’s never been the case either.

I had a friend relay the tweet to me this morning. I replied “Fuck cancer.”

Care to share some details? I believe(though this is from memory…) that he was kicked out of Metallica for being a drunk jerk they couldn’t stand. I thought he cleaned up his:

  1. Drinking
  2. Jerk behavior

and kind of became workable again. I thought Metallica even agreed to tour with Megadeth at some point, kind of putting it all behind them. There were rumors at one point he even became a Christian and really set on cleaning things up. No?

I do remember that he lost use of his arm at one point and had to work to get it back.

What else happened? Or did he never stop drinking?

Heroin happened. A lot of it. I highly recommend reading that book. No matter how much success he achieved, he was always bitter about the Metallica thing.

Did he record an audio book version?

I dunno.

If you liked the Dirt, then read the heroin diaries. That shit was really interesting.

Sounds like the same cancer I had. HPV-16 caused throat cancer. I also had a super high treatment success rate. It was no fun while I was being treated and recovered but I’m fine now.

Several years ago, “60 Minutes” did a piece about a poverty-stricken Paraguayan community where the kids made serviceable musical instruments out of garbage, and a documentary was made about them called “Landfillharmonic.”

Megadeth is, or was, a very popular band in that region, and when they found out about this, they not only subsidized part of the film, they also flew to Paraguay and appeared in it, and even brought the orchestra to the U.S. and did some shows with them.

He was a heroin addict. Indeed some of Megadeth were also heroin addicts at different times.

They toured together in 1993. They also were part of the a Metallica/Megadeth/Anthrax/Slayer tour in 2010.

He became Christian. Well, sort of always was, but became born again. I don’t think it affects his music that much apart from refusing to play alongside the satanic supporting bands.

I know at least one guy in Slayer is actually Catholic and the whole “satan” thing is a joke or branding thing, but if he toured with Slayer, he certainly doesn’t mind Satanic type stuff. Don’t they sing Satanic songs? I know they have some anti-God/anti-Jesus titles and covers or something.

Holy crapballs that’s a helluva lineup.

Slayer doesn’t sing “satanic” songs; they do sing a lot about how religions have some fucked up tenets and get people to do fucked up things. Yes, mostly they focus on Christianity; it’s the dominant religion in the society in which they live.

Dave says thank you.

Dave says thank you.