Is Michael Cera An Actor?

First, I have never seen any of his movies.

I thought he did a great job on Arrseted Development, playing a shy, quirky kid.
I thought it was a role.

Every preview/talk show appearance/interview I have ever seen him in seems to be George Michael; He does not seem to change emotion or affect whatsoever.

Is he just showing up, reading the lines and going home?

Do his movie roles show range?

I like him in limited roles. He’s a bit much whenever he plays the lead in film but he does an excellent job in supporting roles or in roles with a ensamble cast.

I think he’s good, but you can get “too much of a good thing.”

I haven’t seen all his movies but he does seem to play to typecast

None. From AD to Superbad to Juno.I have yet to see Year One

Short answer, no, he’s not an actor.

I’ve seen:

all of Arrested Development
Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist
Year One

And he is Michael Cera in every movie, IMO. I like who Michael Cera is, but how many times can he be himself before everyone is totally bored? Nick and Norah and Year One (Cera in biblical times) were shitty movies too. Youth in Revolt looks pretty funny but it looks like Michael Cera turns into alter-ego Michael Cera. He is always kind of quiet, dorky, bumbling shy guy in every film. As far as I remember, none of his work that I have seen shows any sort of real range at all.

“Range” is not equal to “acting ability.”

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way…

His new movie has him playing some sort of bad-boy alter-ego to his own mild-mannered character. This clip of him is apparently on the set of the movie, Youth in Revolt, and is fake (meaning he’s acting being pissed).

i believe I heard that in the faux-documentary that his girlfriend (the weird Asian girl in Knocked Up) made he plays a jerky version of himself.

People did say that his Arrested Development persona was nothing like the real Michael, who was smart and self-confident. Conversely, Alia Shawkut on the show was no where near as confident in real life.

Cera is just being typecast. It’s made him a star, and with good management he can use that to try other roles.

What about his role as Alexander Hamilton?

You think reading lines is easy? Reading your lines with conviction is what acting is.

Hopefully Scott Pilgrim will let him break out and act. I mean, he’ll need to be doing kung fu and playing in a band.

I thought there was a subtle difference between his character from Nick and Nora and the others. He was still kind of the mubly goofy, but he seemed cooler and more confident.

I do agree that he’s playing the same thing an awfully lot. Maybe this new movie he’s trying to stretch a little, but if that isn’t the case I’d like to see him try something else on.

I admit I don’t understand what the OP thinks acting is.

Acting isn’t just pretending to be a totally different person every week, and lots of perfectly talented actors specialize in a particular sort of role.

Yes, he’s an actor. Whether they are good or shitty, most comedic actors play the same character over and over again. Cera, at least to this point, is not exception. Maybe he’ll try something new in the future and I’m kind of wondering if Youth in Revolt will be a change for him. But he’s not really that guy.

Hey, John Wayne made a whole career out of playing one character…

What? Look at this range!

All right. He does tend to play the cute awkward kid. But I like it. You might want to check out his online series Clark and Michael. He’s still sort of the same guy, though perhaps more tortured, but at least it’s his and Clark’s original creation rather than an outside writer’s.

I think Michael Cera is a decent comic actor. It takes some skill to do good comic reactions, just a different sort from seizing the spotlight. Admittedly he hasn’t covered an awful lot of range, but he’s pretty young, so give him time.

On the other hand, I also thought this was hella funny:

Exactly. For instance, Tom Hanks’ first few movies didn’t require him to be anything other than likable - Splash, Bachelor Party, and before that he was the guy in a dress on Bosom Buddies. But being the guy that enough people want to see on screen is enough to build into a career if you’re careful and have talent.

Michael Cera was perfect on “Arrested Development.” To say that he was just playing himself is to miss the point of acting entirely. Unless all those words were really coming from his own head rather than a script, Jason Bateman really is his father, and the action took place in a real house not filled with cameras, lights, and boom mikes, he was not just being himself.

It’s possible that he’s been pigeonholed by his success and is capable of much more than the type of roles he is offered. Also, even the best actors are limited by physical type. Could we accept him as a dashing romantic rogue, or a menacing street fighter? Probably not. But even if he proves not to have much of a range, he’s in good company. Playing one character that well is more than most actors can do, frankly.

Short answer? Yes. He’s riding his typecasting now because, as a working actor, that’s what you do if you have to. There’s worse things as an actor than being typecast. Namely, snubbing roles because you’re waiting around for the dramatic role that will change your typecasting and it never comes. In Hollywood, once you’re forgotten, there usually isn’t a chance to come back. All that said, I think he’s shown snippets of range and may well be able to branch out. He also may just like his style of comedy and stick with it. Who knows?

I agree. His timing and delivery are actually quite good. And say what you want but him with the Jersey Shore cast was great: