Michael Cera=Comedy GOLD

Michael Cera. First there was the ill-fated “Arrested Development.” His timing and delivery was absolutely brilliant.

Then, the trailers I’ve seen for “Superbad” have me looking forward to this movie as much as I’ve looked forward to a movie in a really long time.

Now there’s “Clark & Michael”, a new Internet show starring him and some dude named Clark Duke. They basically play themselves as a couple of slackers trying to get a TV show sold to a network-- kind of Seinfeld meets Curb Your Enthusiasm meets The Office, with a little Arrested Development-type humor thrown in.

Has anyone else seen this? Thoughts?

Me? I think it’s friggin’ tits! I couldn’t stop laughing.

I haven’t had enough free time to sit and watch *Clark & Michael * yet, but the Superbad trailer is one of the funniest trailers I’ve ever seen, and I’m eagerly awaiting the movie. I’m still on a comedy high after seeing Knocked Up on Friday night, but Michael Cera (who is probably the most talented teen actor working today, to say nothing of one of the most naturally funny actors I’ve ever seen), Jonah Hill, Bill Hader, Seth Rogen, and Judd Apatow together = comedy gold.

Find the time, man. These episodes are only about 7 minutes, and they are well worth watching!

New eps every Wednesday, from what I gather.

And since I just mentioned them, here is a funny-but-unsettling clip of Michael Cera getting into a fight with Judd Apatow on the set of Knocked Up, and getting fired from the role that would eventually go to Seth Rogen!

(Language isn’t work-safe.)

It’s actually a very funny spoof of the leaked footage of Lily Tomlin having it out with difficult director David O. Russell on the set of I <3 Huckabee’s. Apatow and Cera are obviously really good friends in real life.

Who else in the history of film has had such a talent for comedy at this age? (Not a merely rhetorical question–I’d really like to know. I don’t generally think of kids as being capable of this kind of performance.)

This kid seems pretty phenomenal. I always wondered about him and the girl that plays “Maybe” on Arrested Development (don’t know how you spell that name). I wasn’t sure whether they were really good comedians, or just really well directed.

Looks like Cera’s the real deal.

Did they append that to the end of the flick by any chance?

That would have been funny.


Then there’s this comedy gem: http://youtube.com/watch?v=nAV0sxwx9rY
“I’m the happiest and most successful person I’ve ever known, and I know several married couples-- and that includes my parents.”

First there was Steal This Movie, with Cera playing America Hoffman.

I saw Alia Shawkat in a made-for-Lifetime movie, playing an angst-ridden teen (No!) accused of being a witch in an overly fundie town. True story. Scary. And pretty good. The great Illeana Douglas played her mother.

They were both very funny, but I thought Cera in particular was really talented. He was (usually) playing a very innocent and awkward character on a show full of ill-intentioned people, and he did a great job of it. He was great at those embarrassed, trailing-off improvs. And according to the first season DVD, “Go fish- Uno” was Cera’s line. :smiley:

I love Michael Cera. Shawkat was sweet as Maeby but I thought she had the easier role-the consistently deviour rebellious hustling brat. But Michael Cera! The trail-offs, the awkward laughter juxtaposed one second and the hopeful puppy dog eyes the next, his naive sweet belief in his family, the boundless enthusiasm for a “life of hard work”, the ability to keep his (mostly) well-intention father in line on occasions he started going down the family’s path. The kid nailed it.

I was pretty amazed that in such a great ensemble cast he stood out. Portia De Rossi was on Conan a few years back and was talking about how in some ways he IS a lot like the character though (apparently they were at an awards show and he got really excited because the press was screaming his name or something but it was for Michael Douglas…I don’t really remember the anecdote but it was very George Michael-ish).

“Alright! Quicken! Did you keep the receipt?”
“You want to return it?”
“I want to deduct it!”

Another episode where Cera is credited with one of the funniest improvs on the show was when George Michael is the first to deduce that his father’s girlfriend (Charlize Theron) is retarded. I’m paraphrasing but the exchange went something like:

Michael: We should teach her about baseball.
G. Michael: Yeah… uh, that might take a while. Dad I need you to watch this video…

The “that might take a while” was improvved and so were a couple of his other lines (“yeah, she really liked the grapes” during the video of the girlfriend eating wax fruit

Cera and Jason Bateman have a cute series of YouTube shorts ostensibly promoting Juno but mostly just practicing improv on each other. :slight_smile:

The trailer for his new movie is now up.

Awesome, thanks!

That was pretty boring

I have to vouch for another George Michael moment - the mayonegg scene. Of course, Jason Bateman adds to the hillarity of the scene.

While I like Michael Cera as an actor, can we get over calling him a “genius”? That’s how he really is. Every character is just a slight variation on himself.

It’s great that he hit on a winning combination and his delayed reactions when Juno is flipping out was hilarious. But “genius”, come on.

I will admit to having stolen his delivery of “Yikes.”

Nope. Genius is relevant. Go to clarkandmichael.com and watch his web series. He and his friend Clark Duke wrote, directed, produced and starred in this comedy gem. Before the age of 20.