Super Bad, it was not!

I absolutely loved this movie. It had laughs, action, suspense (sorta anyway), and was a well written movie. Bill Hader and Seth Rogen provided wonderful comic relief from the main storyline. Absolutely a smash. Go see it.

Warning though, it is certainly not for kids. Really isn’t for anyone still in high school. You wouldn’t appreciate it enough :smiley:

I saw it yesterday and I was SHOCKED at how many young kids there were (pre-teens). I’m not a fuddy-duddy (obviously, by my attendance, and I’m only 22). But I’m half-surprised that someone’s mom didn’t take them out of the theater after the opening sequence.

It was definitely hilarious, and my boyfriend can’t decide if he liked Superbad or Knocked Up better.

We can’t figure out if Michael Cera is really gifted at playing slightly awkward and likeable guys, or if he is really like that in real life. I’ve seen some youtube clips where he’s deep in parody that seem to lean toward the former. Regardless, he’s perfect in Superbad.

Agreed…gut-busting from start to finish. And if you’re a fan of Arrested Development, you get to enjoy Michael Cera’s brand of earnestness on the big screen. Someday he ought to play against type, but I haven’t tired of him yet.

I just saw it last night too, and I thought it was hilarious. There were so many good one-liners that I can’t remember any of them. All I remember are “samesies!” and “This is going to be the best blow-J of your life!”.

I really enjoyed it though.

It is getting good reviews. The adverts make it look horrible. I dunno. I trust you and all but … well I’m still a little wary.

I liked it a lot, but I didn’t find the cops as funny as everyone else did. They were too cartoonish in a world that was otherwise realistic, and so irresponsible and idiotic that they were often more scary than hilarious. But I do like Rogen and Hader (who is a standout on Saturday Night Live), and they did fine with the material they were given.

I’m a huge Michael Cera fan, and he did not disappoint here as awkward and sweet Evan. I found Jonah Hill’s Seth character a lot less worthy of empathy than Evan and Fogel, as he was a major dick to them most of the time, but Jonah Hill made you like him in spite of everything. I’ve known too many guys who are just like Seth, and while they are amusing in small doses, you have to distance yourself from them or they’ll drag you down and alienate everyone else from you. Fogel/McLovin annoyed me but then grew on me, although I am terrified his lines could become the next Austin Powers or Napoleon Dynamite-style catch-phrases spouted by idiots at every opportunity.

It was nice that all three of them had their own little quests and grew and changed over the course of the film, not unlike another coming-of-age story that took place in one night, American Graffiti. In the end, I liked Knocked Up more than Superbad because it was just as funny but also had more heart and more of a plot. My girlfriend didn’t like Superbad much at all (it really isn’t a girl movie), although she saw Knocked Up twice in the theater and loved it.

Also, I have no idea how old they are, but both of the main girls were pretty damn hot.

I loved it. I can’t wait to see it on DVD so I can hear all the lines I missed because the audience still was laughing so hard at previous gags.

I think Jonah Hill’s character was kind of a dick too, but not any more than plenty of guys I’ve known. Mostly, he’s just 18. He might grow out of it, given a reason. In my experience, nicer guys will still be friends with total assholes, beyond all logic and reason, especially if they’ve known each other a long time. Why do you guys do that?

Anyway, I thought it was awesome. The cops may have been a little over-the-top, but I’ve known some cops and EMTs who were only slightly more responsible than those guys. Plenty of them provided alcohol to minors – especially girls, but none of them ever blew up their patrol cars or ambulances.

Big Bad Voodoo Lou: don’t feel too bad. The actresses playing Becca and Jules are 22 and 18, respectively. And very cute.

You should trust us, it was fantastic!

Definitely one of my favorite parts of the movie

When McLovin and the cops are getting drunk and having a shoot off, they hear cop sirens. Immediately, they all panic and hop in the car and escape. I just love the fact that the cops were instinctively afraid of other cops. I also liked when they went to the party. “I assume each one of you has crack and guns on them”

Just wonderful!

Then again, if you didn’t laugh at least the first time you saw the trailer, it might not be for you. Maybe split the difference and catch a discount matinee.

I concur.

The cops were actually my least favorite characters. Yes, they were good for some laughs, but I would have preferred more screen time for the young guys. I couldn’t stop laughing at Jonah Hill’s character in Home Ec, and couldn’t stop smiling at Cera’s character singing.

But I laughed out loud at the trailer, if that tells you anything.

The only complaint I have with the movie is it makes me want to be 18 years old and trying to get drunk and laid (not that I drank when I was 18, or that I had much luck getting laid, but it still makes me nostalgic for an idealized past).

Other than that, a good movie with lots of laughs.

I am McLovin.

Funny thing about that, my back is actually located on my cock

(I put that in a spoiler because it’s not as funny in type.)

I really liked it, though I felt that Jonah was a little too angry for the bulk of the movie. I thought it would have been a lot more effective if we had gotten more of his sweetness to balance out the ranting and fuming, which seemed to take up 98% of his screen time. I thought his scene with the home ec. teacher was hilarious, and that the film’s funniest part were the little subtleties, like Cera’s asian partner doing the cat thing with the flour.

We’re 14 posts in and nobody’s mentioned the dick drawings?

I concur, this movie was hilarious. There’s a lot of little laughs in between the big laughs. For some reason, the scene where Evan was cursing a blue streak over the staticky cell phone struck me as hysterical.

lol, the dick drawings… lol

I think I was uncannily like Evan as a teenager, the more I reflect back on my experiences.

“I’m so wet!”
“Yes, they told us that would happen in Health class.”

I feel the same.
That angle just seemed so weird juxtaposed with the cool friendship that Evan and Seth had.
But I did like that wretchedly nerdy McLovin. :slight_smile:

Not everything with seth and Evan was all that realistic either. I didn’t really buy the beer in the detergent bottles for instance. How was he able to clean those out good enough to store beer in? How long would it take him to open up all those bottles one by one and pour then into the detergent containers without it all foaming out the top after two or three bottles? And when he was running down the street with them he was swinging them around like they weighed about 4 ounces each. That whole bit with the detergent bottles kind of took me out of the movie a little bit.

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. At the beginning I was sort of irritated with the excessive sex talk (I’m no prude, it just seemed too much like it was there for teenage shock value.) But basically from the liquor store on was pure and utter hilarity. (and lol at the cock pictures… many of those were nuanced and artistic, very impressive.)

I thought there was a kind of underlying subtext every time the kids clashed with older people – the reality of crack parties seemed kind of jarring in the context of their world. Unlike, say, American Pie, I don’t think it portrayed all of these activities as being consequence free, though the consequences were not completely overt. You just really felt like they didn’t belong there. It was funny, but kind of terrifying.

Today I went to the dollar theater to see ‘‘Knocked Up,’’ which I thought was better, possibly the best movie I’ve seen in a long time, because it contained all the random hilarity of ‘‘Superfly’’ yet a shitload more depth and meaning, and (to me at least) was much more realistic. ‘‘Superfly’’ was good. ‘‘Knocked Up’’ was awesome.