Is Michael Moore BSing about the VW Beetle?

I was reading his book Stupid White Men and he rants about his new VW Beetle, which supposedly has some kind of built in ignition kill system if the engine isn’t turned over every “day or two”.

Is there any basis in reality for this?

This sounds like true BS to me. Sometimes I think Michael Moore should just shut the hell up.

What would be the point of that? Most of the new Beetles are still under warranty, so if it didn’t start, you’d call the dealer, he’d tow it in and do whatever needed to be done on his and VW’s dime!!! I used to like Michael Moore, but I’m beginning to think he’s a ravening loon.

M. Moore has always been full of B.S.

Are you sure it wasn’t meant as a joke? It reminds me of a cartoon I saw where the copy machine repair guy resets the “breakdown” counter in the copier before he leaves.


It definitely sounds like some sort of defect in the car - bad fuel pump, onboard computer failure, etc.

Um…I thought Stupid White Men was supposed to be a satirical work, so wouldn’t talking about his Beetle’s having a “built-in ignition kill system” to explain why it wouldn’t start in the morning be, like, a “joke”?

I read the book and I remember this portion. It was absolutely clear to me that he was being sarcastic/satirical.

On the other hand, I have heard mechanics who work on BMWs say that the beemers need to be used every day or get troublesome.

The General insists that it’s not a joke. In his office they even have this chart someone made up, and with only like maybe 2 exceptions over something like 4 years the copier has broken down every 107 days. There’s this scene in the movie “Office Space” where these guys take some printer out to a field and beat the schmidt outa it. My dad says he’s gonna do that with that copier.

Just don’t take it to Jim Ellis in Marietta, GA! :stuck_out_tongue: This guy had some horrendous service there. (There’s a post somewhere within the 35 pages that said Michael Moore had been e-mailed the story and that he expressed interest.)