Is Miss Cleo really Jamaican?

Is Miss Cleo the psychic really Jamaican?

I think you are missing the bigger question, perhaps, which is “Is Miss Cleo really a psychic?”

Una “Who cares if she can see the future, is she Jamaican?” Persson :slight_smile:

She’s supposed to be Jamaican? :wink:

I can hear a distinct Irish lilt on certain phrases (“Call me now for your free readin’” for example.)

I hope Miss Cleo gets paid well because that’s a pretty cushy job for an annoying person who’s also a bad actress.

Actually, I’ve thought about this myself and have come up with a theory:

“Call me now and talk to Miss Cleo.” is what she says, right-- as if you’re going to get to speak with the actual person you’re seeing on the television. And how much does she charge do you suppose? I have no idea but I guess it’s probably in the neighborhood of $4/min. So even if “Miss Cleo” could talk on the phone <b>nonstop</b> from the time she got up until she went to sleep at night-- let’s say 16 hrs/day, she would “only” generate $3840 per day. Now I really don’t know much about this, but, how much does that woman spend on advertising in a given day? I mean, she’s all <i>over</i> the place!

Anyway, my point is-- and I hardly think this is either profound or unlikely-- don’t you think that there is maybe more than one Miss Cleo? You know, kind of like the Santa Claus vs. Santa’s helpers bit?

So what does this have to do with anything? Well, that heavy Irish-Jamaican accent is not only memorable (ie, simple folks would “identify” Miss Cleo via the accent) but it would be pretty easy to fake, especially over the phone, thus fooling any unlikely caller into believing that the bona fide Miss Cleo is indeed on the other end. So my guess is, no-- Miss Cleo and her helpers are not Jamaican.

Nor are they psychic, but who cares about that anyway?


Miss Cleo is as Jamaican as she is psychic.

The thing is…
she doesn’t predict the future, she tells you what you ALREADY KNOW.

My buddy who’s Jamaican has to turn the channel whenever she comes on. He likens it to finger nails on a chalkboard.


Actually, considering what she reveals in her commercials, I have no idea why anyone would call her. Why pay someone to tell you that your husband is cheating on you, your kid is doing drugs, etc.

If I go to a psychic, they better damn well give me the winning lottery numbers or something!

They edit the commercials, too.

(front shot of Miss Cleo)
"That’s really gonna put a damper on. . .

(back shot of hands on cards, slight change in voice rhythm)
“. . .those relocation plans you had.”

The odds of her really being Jamaican are about as good as my odds of becoming the next pope. Since I’m not Catholic nor male…

I’m lookin’ at de cards here. Dey say dat if you pay $4 per minute then it don matta where Miss Cleo come from cause You dat stupid you can beilieve anyting mon.

People! Haven’t you figured it out yet? Jeeziz…:rolleyes:

The whole “psychic” thing is just bad acting. That’s all. The whole Miss Cleo thing is aimed at the empty-headed morons out there who watch way too much TV. The whole point of having a psychic reading is to have someone with a soothing voice tell you that everything’s going to be all right in the end. That’s all.

It’s really just very amateurish therapy. I can only hope that these “psychics” don’t attempt to intervene in emergency situations (someone threatening suicide, for example).

Every time I’m unfortunate enough to be in the same room when Miss Cleo comes on the screen, I can’t help but think about the epsiode of A Different World where Freddie pretends to be a Jamaican (?) while “hon da hair” as a college radio deejay.

It’s the only way I can cope, because Summer Cree was funny doing that pathetically fake accent. Miss Cleo, or whatever her high-school-drama-class-dropout name really is, is just pathetically fake.

That felt wrong when I typed it. Her name is Cree Summer.


Is Miss Cleo really Jamaican? Probably so, but that’s about all. She’s got the accent down too good and the loud, brassy attitude. Now, she calls herself a shaman, which is a mystic, but that probably surprises most American Indians, because, if I am correct, Shaman is a male Indian Holy Man.

Really Jamaican? Probably because they’ve been throwing their garbage off of the island to America for decades now and Cleo took one look at the idiots here calling in psychic lines and found her racket!

I knew I wasn’t completely crazy! I know a couple dozen Caribbean people from various islands and ol’ Miss Cleo doesn’t sound at all like any of them. In fact, I’d refer to her as, “you know, that ‘psychic’ on TV who got her Caribbean accent via Ireland.”

“Shaman” is a trickier question, though. The word was coined by people who were not of a shamanistic faith because it sounds like the word used for shamans in … Tibet, if I recall correctly. It has since been used to refer to the “medicine men/women” of many indigenous peoples.

I suppose a real Jamaican could fake a bad Jamaican accent as well as anyone else, so maybe she actually is Jamaican. But the accent is definately phony.

I literally flinch when she comes on. I can’t put a finger directly on anything, but I hate her with the white-hot passion of a thousand suns.

See Ferggie’s post about Shamans and also note that, while “Shaman” can denote a person of any race or location, it is actually a Russian word and nothing about it suggests the American Indian.

Yea, Bob Marley, Fredrick “Toots” Hibbert, et al…all garbage :rolleyes:

Miss Cleo sent me a psychic email today saying that if I call and she is not there, one of her gifted psychic readers will help me out. And she signed an email with her real signature!

Father Pacelli, really?