Is "Muldoon" texas slang, and what does it mean?

This military officer (now a major) back at the academy would call us ‘muldoons’ if he was being pejorative – but i couldn’t find its exact meaning or etymology on urban dictionary.

He was from texas

Can anyone from Texas or thereabouts confirm this usage, or was it just idiosyncratic?

(He did NOT say ‘poltroons’ which of course means coward)

What period of time would this be?

Never heard of it. Was it maybe the name of a character from a tv show or something?

It seems that muldoon is a town in Texas.

Hmm. Reminds me of Bugs Bunny saying “What a maroon!” Wouldn’t surprise me if it’s something he just made up himself, perhaps subconsciously influenced by Bugs.

Grew up in Texas until I was 35, never heard it.

I always interpreted that as meaning ‘moron’, but in a broadcast-safe way.

A posting on the Linguist List indicates that muldoon was at one time American slang for a policeman.

BTW it’s a fascinating post, concerning an ex New York City Poilce Commissioner called George Washington Matsell, who turned lexicographer and published a glossary of thieves’ slang, Vocabulum, 1859.

“Experience has taught me that any man engaged in police business cannot excel without understanding the rogues’ language.” He has a point.
How the term wound up being used in Texas for a dolt I have no idea.

An early sitcom called Car 54, Where Are You featured two bumbling cops named Toody and Muldoon.

In the book Wiseguy, Henry Hill claims that Paul Vario referred to stolen credit cards as muldoons and used to say, “Whiskey tastes best on a muldoon”.

Also, I have lived in Texas my whole life and have never heard anyone call anyone a muldoon.