Is my cat Heinrich totally psycho or just a little eccentric?

I hate to bore people with stupid stories about cute things that my cat does, but Heinrich has a couple of funny habits that I’ve never seen in another cat and I wonder if he needs Prozac and electroshock or if they’re just normal cat nature.

Firstly, he doesn’t want to eat unless I’m standing right there, no matter how much or what kind of food is in his dish. When he’s hungry, he’ll go over to where his food is and sniff at it, then he’ll come to me (even in the middle of the night) and start crying and try to get me to go stand next to his food so he can eat. If I ignore him, he’ll eventually go back in the kitchen and eat, but he always tries to get me first.

The other weird thing about him is that he really, really wants to be outside when it’s raining, especially if it’s a thunderstorm. He’s eleven years old and knows very well that he’ll get wet if he goes out in the rain, but he insists on it every time. Isn’t that the exact opposite of what cats are supposed to do?

Does anyone have any idea what to do about this? Prozac, electroshock, institutionalization? If so, should it be for me or Heinrich?

Oddness, yes. Treatment, no. My beast, Scooter, (seen in sig link) doesn’t DEMAND to go out in the rain, but he surely does not mind it. He gets in the shower with me about twice a week (no, he does not shampoo my hair), drinks Canadian Club (but not beer), is defiant to dogs 10 times his size, and enjoys walking on a leash. As I like to say, he is a freak show in progress.

Your beast is truly odd, accept it. Makes life easier.

Cats are just odd in general, and I’ve never seen two that acted the same. I have a cat which we took in as a stray. We leave a bowl of water down for him every night, but for some reason the cat can’t drink out of it until he’s taken his paw and knocked it over to the middle of the floor, usually spilling most of the contents on the way. Big surprise if you have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

It may be odd but he’s not the only one. We’ve several cats among my family members and nearly all of them want an audience while they eat. I’ve never figured it out. One of my cats also has no regard for the supposed feline dislike for water. He’s hopped in the shower a time or two.

Now the reason I think he’s really weird is that he’s chewed up every doorstop in my house. What’s that about?

I wish my cats would go out in the rain. As it is, they go to the front door, meow until I show them it’s raining, then go to the back door and insist I show them it’s raining there too. Then they look at me accusingly, as if it’s my fault it’s raining.

Cats. They’re just like that.

Just the fact that you named him Heinrich makes him completely, utterly and unreversably psycho.

Heinrich was born in the apartment next to mine, which was occupied by Byron, an 86-pound, alcoholic, gay, deaf, 35-year-old-virgin math major from Kansas, who named him Heinrich because his mother (Heinrich’s, not Byron’s) had a little Hitler mustache. They lived together for two years before Byron got locked up in the state hospital and disappeared from there. I’ve kept the name because it fits his personality so well.

One of our cats requires an audience to eat, especially the Tender Vittles in the bathroom. This one also demands that you drip water on her after you shower. She also prefers to drink water from the tap, instead of a bowl.

Another of our cats taps the water bowl with her paw until ripples appear on the water, then she drinks. Euty maybe this is what’s going on with your cat. Naw, the cat is just trying to annoy you. Anyway, the bowl tapper is the cat that has to be given a tranquilizer before going to the vet.

The male will go stand by the bowl of dry food and stare at you … and stare at you … until you feel the laser beams going thru you and you get up and put some fresh food on top of the almost full bowl. He has to see you put food in the bowl.

Cats are the crazzzzziest people.

To quote Heinlein, he’s just looking for the “Door into Summer”. (That door being the one which has GOOD weather on the other side of it.)

And my cat doesn’t require an audience, but he will make me pick up his full food bowl, and pretend to put fresh food into it before he’ll eat the food that was already there.

And my other cat has more fun splashing the water in his bowl than drinking it.


It has been my observation that cats do not hate getting wet, they hate all that licking getting it off. Go figure…they take wet off by making themselves wet. We own two cats…Tommy who loves to talk to us. He announces his arrival and all his wants and needs with different meows. And Pretty who will not sit in anyones lap who is not sitting in the recliner. I guess cats are more like people with their eccentricies than any other domesticated animal.


Are cats domesticated?

I have a neighbor who has three cats: groucho, tigger, and bear.

Tigger is the only “cat-like” cat in the bunch. Aloof, typical cat behavior.

Bear is the princess. She makes appearances and expects all to make note. She also prefers to drink water from a glass - but only if it has ice in it.

Groucho, on the other hand, is the lunatic. He’s really a sweetheart, but he seems to be very odd. This cat had a hormone imbalance that caused him to develop teats with milk once (these were surgically removed). He likes hugs and gives kisses to his favorite people (a lick on the nose), but won’t do it to others. Groucho also seems to be very masochistic. You can pick him up by the tail and smack him on his hind quarters and he will just meow and come back for more. Although I’ve never witnessed it, my neighbor swears that if you keep it up, “he’ll spooge on you.” :eek:

Groucho is also one of those cats who will talk to you and answer your questions:

“do you want tuna or dry food?” -no response-
“Tuna?” -Meow-
“or dry food?” -no response-
“so it’s the tuna then, huh?” -meow-

Funniest damn cat I ever saw.


Please. This is a cat we’re talking about. What a cat wants is right, by definition. If it seems crazy to you, you’re wrong. If you don’t understand, then it is because you are deficient. If you do not comply, it is because you are incredibly, incredibly stupid.

Cats control the world. Cats are Gods. You must always do what cats want. Just ask the cats. They will be happy to tell you.

You. Definitely you. But don’t worry about treatment. Obey. Simply obey. Immediately. Remember, this is a cat we’re talking about.

My cat is extremely hyperactive. Every day, she runs accross the house several times,and runs on teh furniture whenever possible. I have seen this cat take a running start, leap onto the chair, and launch herself into the next room, landing about a foot from where I’m reading my book. About gave me a heat attack. And she doesn’t meow. Ever. If you step on her, though, she will yowl and proceed to try to slice your foot off.

Bob, the fact is that ALL cats are psycho. Each cat is psycho in its own way.

Our little Shithead does the “Watch Me Eat” thing too. She’ll be bouncing off the walls trying to get our attention and then run to her bowl. After eleven years we still haven’t figured out what that’s about.

She also does gets shack-happy and does the door into summer thing. Then she fusses as if to say “FIX IT!”

But most of the time she makes her wants known:
“I wanna be loved up.” (Strops leg)
“I wanna play.” (Shreds leg)
“I wanna go outside” (Sits by door staring at doorknob)
“Give me some beer.” (Sits on coffee table staring at beer can)
“I want fresh water.” (Sits to the right of the water dish)
“I can see the bottom of my bowl!” (Paces to the left of the food dish)

I dare not let that last one happen while I’m asleep or I’ll be awakened to the sound of her knocking everything off the nightstand.

Yes, she has us well-trained.

He just wants to make sure that if he chokes on his food,
you’re right there to do the Heinrich manuver.

Cats are odd, indeed. One of our cats, Spot, has an strange way of eating his dry food. When he was a kitten, he would grab a few pieces with his mouth, drop them on the floor, and only then eat them. We thought maybe he didn’t like sharing the bowl with his brother, so we put down two separate bowls. He still did it. Now he uses his paw to push individual pieces of food onto the floor one by one so he can eat them. He also likes to sleep in the sink when the weather is warm.

I saw our other cat, Purrl, doing something odd once. I don’t know if he had stepped in something and was trying to wash his paw, or if he was experimenting with new drinking methods. He was dipping his paw into the water dish, licking at his paw a bit, dipping it back in the water, licking some more, and so on. This went on for several minutes.

My neighbor’s cat has a fondness for cantaloupe. She has to hide melons in the cupboard to keep them away from him. He will jump to the top of the refrigerator and chew through the rind to get to the fruit. Then he gets diarrhea.

Misty tries to drink lemonade from my mom’s glass.

My dear departed Fluffy used to fake hairballs-she’d start yowling like she was throwing up, and when you’d approach her, she’d take off and look at you as if she was laughing.

Noel likes to cry and cry for food-then refuses to eat it.

**his name fits his personality? **

what does he do? Run around and kill all the Jewish mice?

Nah, he doesn’t kill them himself. He just sends them to Mauschwitz. [sub][sup]apologies to Art Spiegelman[/sup][/sub]

To me the name Heinrich sounds dignified and sophisticated, and it seems like it fits him because he always acts like he’s too cool to do ordinary cat stuff like chasing string or sitting on my lap or hiding on top of the refrigerator. He acts all calm and detached most of the time, but about once a week the pressure gets to be too much and he spazzes out for two minutes and attacks a paper sack or a newspaper and tears it to shreds in a big frenzy. Then he acts embarrassed and wants to go outside.

In any case, next time there’s a four-inch roach crawling past him and he pretends not to see it, I’ll tell him it’s Jewish and see what happens.