Is My Forgotten Sock Cooler?

I washed and dried my laundry a week ago, but forgot one sock. Is the sock that I did dry in the drier warmer than the forgotten one?

Assuming you took the sock out of the dryer and put it back in the same general location as the unwashed sock (ie, the clean one in the dresser and the dirty one in the laundry bin in the same room), they should both be room temperature. Just like how if you leave a mug of hot tea out on the counter, and a glass of ice water next to it, they’ll both end up room temperature relatively quickly.

Ok, I thought you made a sock account, forgot about and now wonder if the username was cooler than your current one.

I thought he was asking if one sock would keep his foot warmer than the other.

Or perhaps, since the forgotten sock will have a significantly greater microbial load, it may be the one that is physically warmer.