Is my friend's new BF lying to her?

I have a friend who is in her mid-20’s, but she’s very naive and young for her age, emotionally. Recently, she started dating a 43 year old man. She met him while they were both working at a university library, which he then quit, and now he’s supposedly an independent construction contractor (whatever that means). She said he’s retired U.S. Coast Guard. He recently was out of town for 11 days. He told her that he was in Afghanistan for 11 days with “special ops,” some top secret government thing, but that it was a dead secret so he couldn’t give her the details or anything, or contact her while he was there.

OK, so can he possibly be telling the truth? Because my BS detector went off like crazy when she told me this story. I didn’t say anything to her because she is madly in love with this guy, but… I have my doubts. Maybe I’m wrong, and if so, I’m sure someone will set me straight, and I will mentally apologize to this guy for doubting his story.

Sounds like a load to me.
See if his passport is stamped.

Definitely lying.

His pants are on fire!

His nose is growing and growing!

If he was telling the truth, which he is not, operators don’t use passports to to fly into an American base. I spent a year in Iraq. Nobody tried to stamp my passport mainly because none of us thought to bring a passport to a war.

The way you can tell when people are lying about doing “Top Secret” shit is when they tell you they were doing “Top Secret” shit but can’t tell you what they were doing. People who really do “Top Secret” shit don’t talk about it. Besides nobody is actvated for 11 days. Hell it would take 2 days to in process and 2 days to out process that leaves him 8 days to plan coordinate train travel prepare and conduct a secret OP. Right.

I would think that black ops guys don’t discuss what they do with anyone except other people in the know.
He is a lying sack of poo.

Well you know, there really is a huge need for old, ex Coast Guard librarians in Afghanistan right now. Why are you being so judgmental? This is WAR, don’t you understand the implications?

But seriously, last I checked, no one in the Coast Guard did anything vaguely resembling special ops. Further, I seriously doubt we are hurting so bad that the Coast Guard (are they, um, even IN Afghanistan?) is calling back up their 43 year old (let’s be honest, very old for any type of special ops work) librarians.

Total BS. He was quite obviously with some other girl (or guy or someone or something he clearly wasn’t supposed to be with), it’s a shame your friend believed him.

I’d write more, but sadly I’m off to Germany for 8 days to do some special ops work against the Nazis. Top Secret, ya’ know.

If it was that big a secret, he couldn’t tell her about it at all. Your friend should run, not walk.

Well, you all agree with me that this guy is full of it. Now the question is, how do I tell her this? I don’t want to alienate her and I don’t know how I’d get her to believe me over him. Doesn’t help that she was visiting from out of town and I’d have to do all this convincing via the intarnets.

We know a fellow who just goes on ‘business trips’. Doesn’t say where, just casually mentions he’ll be away for awhile. Given the department of the government he works for, I don’t ask details.

Send her a link to this thread and tell her how to sign up for a guest membership.

My only response if she’d told me this would be:


Given that Afghanistan doesn’t possess a coast, it seems unlikely.

I wonder what’s worse, the lie, or him thinking she’d believe it.

Seconded, that this guy is a bag of crap.

Better duck, or that whoosh is going to hit you in the head. :wink:

I think he’s lying. If it’s top secret, they don’t breathe a word of it, not even that it’s top secret so he can’t talk about it.

As far as your friend goes, call her up. Tell her to run far far away.

I think that fact that she actually does believe it tops both of them.

I mean, I’ve been both desperate and stupid in my life, often at the same time, but goddamn!

If you have to ask if a boyfriend is lying, then the answer is YES.

Thank you.

Have a nice day.

I’ll need her email if she continues to see this loser.

I represent a deposed dictator in Nigeria and need a contact in the states to transfer large sums of money to. For which she will get a substantial fee of course.

Oh, and her PayPal account has been compromised and she needs to log in and confirm her information.

Given that it’s one of only two doubly landlocked countries in the world, it’s doubly unlikely.