Is my iPod shuffle useless to me?

I use Windows 98. So, of course the door prize I win at the company Christmas party is an iPod shuffle, just the thing to give kaylasmom for Christmas. It’s Christmas afternoon, and I’ve decided to get a few CDs uploaded into the player. Unfortunately, the software CD tells me that I need either Win2000 or WinXP to load iPOD and iTunes.

Well, surely the Apple website will find me a workaround. Umm, no it won’t, as it turns out. So I turn to the Dopers: Am I going to need to use a friend’s computer (assuming I can make friends with someone who runs a useable OS)? Or is there a generic mp3 program available on line that will run in the iPod?

Now, we all know the rules. I’m not looking for anything that could be construed as P-to-P file sharing software. I just don’t think upgrading my operating system just to be able to use a toy is a very rational approach to take to computer non-obsolescence issues.


They are a fabulous guide to all things ipod, and there is almost certainly a solution to your dilemma there. Make sure to look through their forum too.

I recommend Anapod Explorer, it’s cheap and I like it much better than iTunes. There is also a free plugin for the free Winamp that supports the shuffle. You won’t be able to play protected files from the iTunes store though, just MP3s.

Worry not; I have not intention of getting anything from an online “store,” ever.

Thanks to both of you for your responses. Off to rip my CD collection.