Is my moniter exploding?

It has turned slightly green and line-like where black should be, if the desktop is solid black. Deguass doesn’t clear it and so far it is ok on all non-black surfaces. Rcently I have also noticed my moniter displays darker than it should, compared to others and what not.

New moniter or give it time?

Have you tried reseating your graphic card, or using a different one? Often times things like lines, quirky color, random discolored pixels, etc. are a result of a failing or overheating graphic card.

Yea, you are right, it is the graphics card. I restarted, shut it down for a second, restarted the monitor, and let the monitor sit turned off for a second. Then, I shut down the computer and gave it time to cool down. No more green. This could get interesting…

I just had a monitor go. If the screen shrinks to a little pinpoint of light and smoke starts rolling out the back them I’m pretty sure its the monitor. Hope the card is easy/inexpensive to replace.

So, what do you think - replace the card? How dentrimental is turning green? Like, is that damaging it? I suppose overheating is not nessecarily good… hmmph.

(Man, this thing is such a piece. I am just trying to keep it floating along cause I have so much stuff on it that I want to keep. I’m trying to think of the best way to save these files, considering I will be getting a new computer in the next year. This thing is atleast 5 years old, factory built, and been put through the ringer more than just once. )