Is my name that damn hard to spell???

My last name is really simple, altho’ there is a common alternative spelling, mine is just like the color: G-R-E-E-N. Note, there is no “E” on the end. When people-who-have-to-ask ask, I say “Green, just like the color” The morons among Them ask “Is that with an E on the end?” No, you stupid a-hole, and if you put an E on the end, I’ll punch you until your eye turns blacke, your nose bleeds rede, and yellowe pus runs from every pore.

You think you’ve got problems?

My surname is Brownlee. Not that hard, I don’t think, but I have had people spell it the following ways:
[li]Brown-Lee[/li][li]Brownlie[/li][li]Brownley[/li][li]Brownleigh[/li][li]Brownliegh[/li][li]Brown-Leigh[/li][li]Brownly[/li][li]Broownlee (my personal fave - what the hell?)[/li][/ul]

Reminds me a bit (for some reason) of that Monty Python routine:

“Name please?”
“Smoketoomuch. Mr Smoketoomuch”
(chuckles) “Well, you’d better cut down then!”
“I said, ‘You’d better cut down then’”.
"Oh, I see. “Smoke-too-much, so I’d better cut down”.
“Sorry. I expect you get people making fun of your name all the time.”
“No, I’d never noticed it before.”

PlanMane mate, that was classic. :smiley: You’ve given me my SDMB moment for the week.


I’m Joe.

I’m definitely a guy. Very definitely.

Don’t spell my name as Jo. I’ll forgive Joeseph. I’ll think you’re a moron, but I’ll forgive you. But Jo? You little puppyfucker.

Thank you.

It’s Theresa. T-H-E-R-E-S-A.

Not Teresa, Tersa, Thersa, Therisa, Terisa, Therese, Terese, Theressa, Teressa, Terissa, Therissa, Thresa, Tresa, Thressa, Teressa, Thrissa, Trissa and if you make the mistake of offering to call me Terry, Terri, or Teri I shall come over that desk and beat you senseless with your clipboard.

Damn, I was going to say that. I think I’ve known about three or four other Rachels. I think one of them spelled it Rachael, the rest without the extra A. How hard can this be? Why do they insist on sticking the extra A in even when I make it clear (or so I think) that it just doesn’t belong? I realize it’s an alternative spelling. But it’s not how I spell it, dammit!

And don’t ever call my mother Laurie…(she’s a Laura)…or she will kill you.

You should just tell them it’s spelled j-a-r-b-a-b-y.


I think its pretty, and closer to the Greek root for the name. (kathos.)

However, I get a lot of people who just blank out on me. I automatically spell my name after saying it. (They won’t get it right. Even people who are familiar with the spelling won’t peg it as a first choice.)

This is an actual convo:
Me: Kathryn K-a-t-h-r-y-n
Guy: Okay that’s Catherine, C-a…
Me: No. K-A-T-H-R-Y-N. K.
Guy: Ohhh! Okay, K-a-t-h-e-r-i…
Me: No. R-Y-N
Guy: so its K-a-t-h-e-r-y-n?
Me: No! K-A-T-H-R-Y-N. Seven letters. No e. No i. No c.
Guy: Okay I got it.

And when I got the enevelope it was addressed to “Katherine”.

I guess I have one up on my sister though. Her name is Anna. But the school has refused to remove the e off the end of our last name since she was in kindergarten.


Sorry about that.

Heck, people screw up my last name even though it is a common English word. When I tell them my last name is “Flowers”, they invariably ask “Uhhhh…how do you spell that?”

And I won’t even mention how many times they’ve assumed that I actually meant Flores. They will stare right into my blue eyes and say “Thank you miss Flores.” I know that all people with Spanish surnames do not look the same…but for God’s sake I am ghostly white and blonde! I really meant it when I told you what my last name is!

Mine, too. I’ll be damned.

It’s great having non-threatening Old Testament name, isn’t it? Beats the hell out of Zephaniah or Maher-Shalal-Hash-Baz (Isaiah 8:1).

Especially when you look at Isaiah 8:2, where everyone made fun of him and sang “Rock the Hasz-Bah”.

[sub]Ok, maybe I need to go to bed, considering how hard I’m laughing.[/sub]

I work for a major American class ring and graduation announcements concern. I spent the last three months or so proofreading orders. Michael and Micheal are neck and neck. Seriously.

I suspect that in about 50 years “Micheal” (as well as “judgement” and “it’s” for both meanings) will be the norm.

ABSOLUTELY not Michael. That’s my dad, nitwit.

Yup, know what you’re all talking about. My last name has (gasp) three consonants in a row in the middle. This causes the little hamster to fall off the wheel in anyone who hears or sees my last name. I have been spelling it over the phone for about 20 years now (and boy, is my voice tired!Hah!) using words for the iffy letters, and still get ninnies that respond with “M as in Mary?” after I say “N as in Nancy”. Oh, please, don’t make this harder than it already is. I don’t want to yell at you, but I will, because my patience on this issue wore thin about 15 years ago.

BTW, Hardygrrlwhat a cool name - LoveFreedomGemini.

Matthew. Please. Matthew. Not Mathew. And no, the two t’s do not mean I have to pronounce one of them hard (“Matt - thew”), thank you very much, you insolent fuckchop. I mean, excuse me, but I think I know how to pronounce my own name.

And Matt. Please. Matt. Not Mat. Two t’s. Like A mat is a thing you walk on. A Matt is a thing you sleep with. Thank you very much.

And let’s not even talk about McLauchlin.

And its B-R-I-A-N, not B-R-A-I-N, because that’s brain, and you obviously don’t have one if you spell my name that way. I can handle it when you spell my name with a “y,” no big deal, and I kind of like that spelling, but its not the kind I’m stuck with. I got the bland old boring spelling, but that’s okay. It just kills me that people don’t know the difference between “Brian” and “brain.” Of course, I knew a guy whose last name was London (you know, like the city with the bridge in the nursery rhyme?) and nearly everyone who read his name pronounced it “LOUDEN.” I mean, for chrissakes, where the hell do the come up with that shit?

Oh dear lawd, this has rung a bell.

My maiden name (which I still use now & again) was Kight. Not Knight or Kite, but Kight. I have had too many arguements with idiotic people who seem to automatically add the n to my name. I pretty much brush them off, but my future FIL has added a new misspelling: Kighp. Ok, I know English isn’t his mother tongue, but Sweet Jesus…:rolleyes:

I echo the lament of the OP: Is my name really that difficult to spell?

Actually, AirBecky :D, I knew a guy in high school named “Ehren”, pronounced just like your name. I bet he hates his parents.

My own name (Steven) has two common spellings, but since I’ve switched to going by “Steve” I get a lot fewer misspellings. Someday I will run into a moron who will write down “Stephe”, I’m sure.

Audrey. A-u-d-r-e-y.

Not Audry, Adrey, Adry, Aidry (wtf?), Awdry, Audery, Audrie, or Audree. And for god sakes, it’s NOT the same as Aubrey.

My last name is King.

You’d think I’d have no trouble.

I dunno…maybe it’s the remnants of my accent, but I usually get asked to confirm it’s King. (Or Keen, or Cane, or…)

At least I go by my very average and common first name, not my middle name, Vaughn.

Even I and my parents forget how to spell it sometimes (Vaughan is also a valid spelling. Not the one my parents chose, though.), and, I just know I’d get ‘Von’, ‘Van’, ‘John’…