Is my pie going to suck?

I’m going to a Christmas party thing tonight, and I volunteered to bring an apple pie.

Originally, I was going to go all Martha Stewart and make the crust from scratch, but I overslept this morning and since I had to go out and finish my shopping and then wrap all the presents, I elected to get ready-made pie crusts and just do the filling.

So, I got all my apples sliced up, the sugar, cinammon, nutmeg, salt, and flour is all mixed together, I toss it all in the bottom crust as per the instructions, put on the top crust, get it all pinched together, and put it in the oven.
As I began cleaning up my mess, it hit me.

I forgot to dot the top of the filling with butter prior to putting on the top crust.

Is this really, really bad?

Well, since I’ve never dotted the top of the filling of an apple pie with butter, and the results have always tasted fine, I would say don’t worry about it! In fact, I don’t think my mother has ever put butter in an apple pie, and the Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book doesn’t mention butter, either.

How do you “dot” with butter, anyway. Do you just put in chunks of butter, or what?

Yeah…basically, you just break a tablespoon of butter into little chunks and toss it on top.

Thanks, I feel better now. :slight_smile:

Yeah, the pie’ll be just fine.
You’re instincts about the crust were right on, tho. Do take the trouble to make from scratch next time if you can. The results are superior to ready-made.
I’ll have a little of that cinnamon sauce on my slice, please. :slight_smile:

Man, without butter there is just no point! Screw it…toss it out. Start over.

[actually, your mistake was the crust. Crust is what makes pie pie. ]