Is my username stupid?

My guest membership expires in a couple of weeks, so I need to become a real member. But for some reason, I am gripped by the strange fear that my username is stupid, and I’ll regret it after a couple of years. It is an obscure reference that probably three people on the board will recognize. Does everyone else think it is just dumb? I know that of all the things in life to obsess over, this is among the dumbest, but I can’t help myself.

I’ve seen worse.

Hmmm…Not sure how to take that one. :dubious:

It isn’t any more stupid than my username, which I’m afraid is pretty stupid. I admit that I’m not one of the three people on the board who gets your reference. If you think about it, the whole concept of inventing a username for yourself to hide what your name really is from the people you want to talk with, is pretty stupid itself. So… carry on.

I have had a stupid name here for a few years now. It never stopped me.

Your name is far less stupid. Is that any comfort?

I love your username, Sophistry and Illusion. Seriously – it’s cool, it sounds cool said aloud, and I hope you do stick around and keep it so I see it more often.

I like calm kiwi’s name too, FWIW – she doesn’t believe me, I know, but I always have. :slight_smile:

Not to worry, there are plenty of stupid names around.
Yours is ok, I’ve seen stupider.
So you fit in with the rest of us.

Hume? Always thought it was a neat line.

I thought mine was so damned smart when I registered to become a charter member - drunk out of my mind.

One of my greatest internet fears now is of my RL friends finding out what my SDMB alias is.

In a good way. Paranoia will destroy ya.

I would rather see a name like the ones posting in this thread than an amalgam of one’s real info which ends up looking dry and without personality.

Which one would you notice thru several wildly different posts, MikSmth0117 or Carnivorousplant?

Who cares what other people think of your user name. Use whatever you like.

Besides, what could be stupider than Large Marge?

You are a Kiwi. We have to like Kiwi. The calm bit just made you like it more. :smiley:

Not necessarily so. The “Kiwi” bit is welcome, because – surprise! – I’m one too. :slight_smile: But I like the (checking the right word here frantically – ah! Yes!) – the alliteration is catchy and quite well done. And memorable (as if you need to be any more so!) :slight_smile:

Alliteration is a good thing. Calm Kiwi worked better then Killer Kelly :smiley:


Which was meant t’ be: :smiley:

:d looks like you’re trying to pick your nose with your tongue.

That’s what happens when I type the characters istead of using the smilie images to click on. Bit of a sod when that happens.

Quite sod and depressing.

Irish coffee in the morning is a great idea.

I have no idea what that means, but it sounds intriguing.

A play on accents.