Suggest me a new username...

because this one gets me a lot of flack(your username is ten letters too long, har har :wink: )

Please suggest me a new user name.

How about BackToBeingStupid? No, that’s even longer. I’ll keep trying. :wink:


Stupid is as Stupid Does.

I don’t see why there’s a problem with your existing name. It stands out from the crowd, it’s unique – why change? :confused:

If you truly want to change, though – what’s your interests? Any fictional characters tyhat you think are memorable?

…That does not involve the word stupid.

Well, because I can imagine that people who think they’re the epitome of wit, three years down the line will still be saying “Your username is ten letters too long” as basis of rebuttal to what I said.

So soon. Know you well enough, we do not. Change you cannot.

Call yourself–[ul]**
[li]Floss Daily[/li][li]Shake Before Using[/li][li]Do Not Remove Tag Under Penalty Of Law[/li][li]Odd Critter[/li][li]Non Pirate[/li][li]Electromagnetic Lasagna[/li][li]Funkenstein[/li][li]Bride Of Funkenstein (if you’re a girl)[/li][li]Dioxide Of Hydrogen[/li][li]Baldrick[/li][li]Lil’ Abner[/li][li]Daisy Mae (if a lady-type)[/li][li]Radioactive Tequila[/li][li]Fred[/li][/ul] **

I have nothing to say on the matter.

That’s good.

Given what happened in that other thread, try OnceBitten (unless it’s taken already), or maybe Contrition Knight.

Failing that (and bearing in mind I haven’t checked these for use):

Mr. Gumby
The Man Who
Smeg O’ My Heart
Sea Biscuit
Ugg Ugg
Hyperbole Pulpit
Qwerty McFlirty
Marvin K. Mooney
Pippa Smack
Hey You!

Or search for one of the occasional Band Name threads and see if anything there takes your fancy.

How about Atomic Badger Racing?


Sorry to disappoint, but I’ve choosen the name Proffessor McPartyhat.

Here’s a “(sic)” in advance for you…

Or should it be Proffessor McAwesomedude?

Teemiing millions, help me decide?

Sorry to hear you’ve had th’ digs, mate. Oh, and better have just the one “F” in “Professor”, or the party fun aimed at you won’t stop.

I could suggest BloodyFedUpWith Nitpickers, but that’s a tad long, too … :slight_smile:

How about just McAwesomeDude?

It’s spelled `Professor,’ StupidSmartAgain.

So, is it Proffessor McAwesomedude or Proffessor McPartyhat?

In keeping with the abbreviation of your current name SSA, and in keeping with a certain current theme, how about SOS?:wink: