Is having technical issues?

I have to register with My Space after having my account hacked. I tried to register for the past week and when I click ‘submit’ it goes to an error page that says ‘epg3’ or some weird letters. What’s wrong with the registering page? Is it down and is nayone having similar problems?

MySpace recently added that function where you have to enter the letters and numbers as they appear on the screen to acknowledge that you are actually a human or something. Are you sure that’s not what you’re seeing?

There isn’t a time when MySpace isn’t having technical issues. The coding is buggy and uninspired and teenage girls (the bulk of MySpace users) don’t care how well something is coded.

Nah. I’ve been getting a page with “Server Error in ‘/’ Application”. The rest of the gobbledegook suggests it’s some kind of run time error.

I get it in Safari, but not in Firefox. I rarely use my Myspace account, so I’ve no idea how long this has been going on.

Hmm, my niece started getting this today (she lives with me). She only has Safari on the Mac that she is allowed to use. I checked my laptop and it was fine in both Safari and Firefox. I’m quite happy with her not using MySpace again, but she keeps whining about it all the time. :rolleyes: I wonder if there is any fix for it.

In Firefox I went to their “glitch forum” and there is a note about issues with Safari. In Safari, I can only get to their main home page, I can’t login or do much of anything else. There is a note on the home page about tweaking things to kill spam, so I’m guessing they’re running some new spamkill script and they haven’t sorted out the browser compatibility bugs yet.

No big deal for me, I just know a lot of musicians so I use it to keep an eye on gig notices. But for a young person, to be cut off from Myspace will leave her in a puddle of social angst.