Is Napster now legal?

Just in case the answer is no, to avoid the wrath of the Mods I will not post a Cite.

But I’ve been getting Pop-Up ads lately announcing that Napster is back, and is now a pay site. The fee is a paltry 97 cents per month.
Did they strike a deal with the recording industry, thus making them legal? If not, how are they able to return without getting shut down again?

According to what I’ve read, Napster is now legal but it is no longer the file sharing system that it was before. It has been bought out by another company who will be using it to distribute legitimate media and yes, you will have to pay to use it.

Thanks for the quick response.
You wouldn’t by chance have a Cite for that, would you? (Seeing their legal now, we can discuss it on the SDMB, right?) I’ve heard nothing. I kind of thought there would be more hoopla about it being legal, seeing all the noise that was made when they weren’t. 97 cents isn’t much, IF you can get as much as you used to.

Yahoo News.

But note as I said before. All downloads will be liscensed and controlled through the new company. It will not be the P2P system that it was before.

Editing to add : Please also note that this does not open the door to discussion of other P2P systems. Thanks.

What exactly does that mean? I’m assuming that it means there will be a limited amount of things to download. Am I right?

P2P = Peer to Peer. That means that anybody on the system can make available whatever they want.

I assume that the new Napster is simply a download system that is capitalizing on the notoriety of the name.

That gimmick won’t work for long.

I think that technically all it means is that data is transferred from client to client, in contrast to the client server model where clients get all data from only the server.