Is naptha (lighter fluid) safe to clean windows?

I have some masking tape adhesive residue on one of my windows. They are vinyl windows double pane with argon gas inside. It’s on the glass and the frame. I use naptha with is lighter fluid although I use the actual stuff from a paint store to remove adhesive on other stuff it works well. It is safe on plastic. What I’m wondering will it damage the stuff that holds the glass panels to the frame (I think its silicone not sure though) I dont want it to get damaged and let the argon gas leak out.

Can’t speak to the use of naptha and what it will/won’t dissolve, but it’s flammable, which is a hazard to you and your dwelling.

I’d recommend WD-40. It’s less flammable, but dissolves adhesive residue fairly well. You can finish-clean with Windex or similar.

I don’t like wd40 it leaves a residue and naptha doesn’t.

I would apply naptha to a paper towel and use that to scrub the residue. I would not squirt or spray naptha directly onto the glass.

Can you use rubbing alcohol? That dissolves tape residue

Goof Off/Goo Gone. Available in lots of places.