Is necrophilia socially condemned in all cultures

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I know statutory rape and hebehilia (sex with children who are 10-17) was socially acceptable in various cultures in world history. Even in the US hebephilia was not really legally or socially condemned up until a couple of generations ago and men in their 30s marrying 13 year old girls was not always frowned upon.

Plus outright pedophilia has had cultures where this was legally and socially acceptable. Ancient Greece as an example, and some tribal cultures (whose name I cannot remember) that I read about in college.

Obviously, there are and have been cultures where rape (especially spousal) is not legally or socially condemned.

So sex acts which we oppose in western civilization in the 21st century are not universally opposed across all times and geographies. That doesn’t make them ok (slavery, child abuse, torture, religious totalism and political dictatorship were perfectly acceptable in most civilizations in most of history), but it does mean that there were social systems that did not find these acts repulsive.

So what about necrophilia? Is the opposition to necrophilia totally social, or are there innate aspects of our minds that make us oppose necrophilia almost out of instinct?

Then again, evolution seems to have made us oppose incest since the progeny of incest among siblings or parent/children tend to have shitty survival odds. Incest among cousins on the other hand is legally and socially endorsed all over the world. However has incest (among immediate families) been socially and legally prohibited in all cultures across all time periods? I’m sure there are cultures that were openly incestous.

And to reiterate, socially/legally acceptable is not the same as morally acceptable. Rape, child abuse, spousal abuse, torture, political dictatorship, religious totalism and slavery were all legally/socially acceptable for most human civilizations in most of human history. That doesn’t make them morally acceptable (morals being based on concepts of sentient creatures having innate worth, dignity and autonomy).

I am asking because I am curious if necrophilia has innate instinctive repulsions to it (like incest) or if it is banned due to cultural reasons (like hebephilia).

Juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuust to clarify things I’m not asking because I have secret plans to buy a plane ticket to whatever country says necrophilia is ok. Its not like I even know which airline I’d use on Kayak if I did something like that anyway because I’d need to check like 3 bags and I’d have to find the airline that offered me the best deal to do that. Also I’d have to find an airline that offered Kosher meals.

This is a thought exercise.

Pedophilia was no more acceptable in Ancient Greece that it is today in our society. Ephebophilia (the love of adolescent youths) was accepted, certainly, but that’s very different from the blanket term pedophilia.

In “The Search for the Pink-Headed Duck” by Rory Nugent, he visits Assam and there are some people he calls Tantrikas who he implies have sex with a female corpse. This is part of their religious activity.

Not among the majority of the people, but for example the Ptolomeic rulers of Egypt (Cleopatra, etc) were all about marrying their sisters and such.

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Minor correction, marriage between first cousins is illegal in some states in the U.S. so incest between cousins is presumably not legally endorsed in those states. You might mean something other than “not illegal” by “legally endorsed” but I’m not sure what.



Also in India, there is an extreme sect of Hindu Sadhus called “Aghora” where it’s claimed they perform both cannibalism and necrophilia as part of rituals.

However not really what the OP is asking as breaking the most shocking of societies taboo’s is entirely the point of the Aghora rituals.