Is not being able to eat as much (in one sitting) a "get'n old thing"?

I guess I should be happy about this. I’ve found over the recent years that I can’t eat as much as I used to.

My son, who literally weighs half of what I do can now eat twice as much as me!

The other night we each had a 16oz ribeye with a side of rice. He finished all of his and I was only able to finish half of mine.

What the heck? I’m not sure I like being out ‘eat-ed’ by my own son. :slight_smile:

Definitely! At least that’s been my experience, and I just had this conversation with two lunch companions yesterday - none of us can comfortably eat half of what we could in our 20s and 30s. I think it’s fine, personally - helps one avoid “middle age spread.”

When I was 20, I always ate three courses at the curry restaurant (plus poppadums!)

Now I’m 60, I only manage the main course (and don’t even finish that sometimes.) :frowning:


I clearly remember cooking a pound of pasta in my 20s, and that would feed me and my boyfriend and we’d have one bowl leftover for the next day.

By my late 30s, that turned into a half a pound of pasta for me and my husband and we still have a bowl leftover for the next day.

Now I’m in my mid-40s, and I’m starting to cook 6 ounces for the two of us, and there’s still a bowl leftover for the next day.

I see now why my grandparents used to cook one potato for the two of them and have leftovers!

Colour me envious that you can consume 8oz of ribeye!

I have always had the metabolism of a squirrel, and am also not very big. So I’ve never been able to measure up to others in the eating department. Maybe I don’t eat so much, but I eat often through out the day.

I have, on occasion, usually when pressed by others to, “have some more!”, eaten myself into a forced nap, as it were!

As I’ve gotten older, as you’ve noticed, the amount I can eat, in one sitting, has shrunk further. After a lifetime of being told I eat like a bird, I can only imagine what I’m in for now! Yikes!

My eating has been on a steady decline since about 25, up until about 40 I was still considered a big eater. At 65 now 4 oz of meat is plenty for me. A fist size serving of pasta and vegis I call it good.

I was not aware of this, and I’m not looking forward to it. In my 20s and 30s (still in my 30s) if I really want to I can eat one large meal a day and have that make up the bulk of my calories. The idea of getting full fast sucks. It’ll make all you can eat buffets seem not worth the cost.

I eat only a fraction of what I used to, and I am sure it’s only going to get worse. I remember older people having to be told to eat, and that amazed me. I also remember my mother telling me not tp eat a late afternoon snack because it would ruin my dinner, and I would just laugh.

Well, now if I feel hungry at three, I won’t eat anything because even a piece of fruit or a piece of toast will make me too full to eat dinner. And I no longer eat at the Chinese buffet, but instead order off the menu because I don’t want to pay $12 or whatever it is for a couple of shrimp, a small scoop of rice and a couple pieces of beef and broccoli when I can order a $6 small steamed chicken and broccoli and take half of it home for lunch.

I’m 35 and I think I’m at the sweet spot. Eating out with friends, sure, I can eat the same as mr greedy (or be mr greedy if I wanted).

But another day I get home late and all there is is a bowl of gruel and an apple…meh, whatever.

Oh yeah, I usually can only eat about half what’s on my plate for supper. The rest I eat hours later or for lunch the next day.

I’m 68, and I definitely eat less than I used to. Just the other day, I went to our local Chinese buffet (which is under new management, and is truly wonderful now). I usually eat two platefuls, plus a third for desserts. This time, around the middle of the second plateful, I started feeling full. I didn’t believe it, so I continued eating. Then I started getting hiccups, a sure sign that I had eaten enough. I had to leave food on my plate, which I NEVER do. And no dessert.

Of course, this doesn’t mean I’m losing weight, because I burn fewer calories now.

'Fraid so… I still love to go and wipe out an “all you can eat” buffet – but the rampage is diminished over the years, and where I used to fill my plate five times, now, three is about all I can do.

I’m still a dreadful oinking porker…but less. Less.

You gonna eat that biscuit?

I’m nearish there. I can throw down on food if need be, but I will go into an immediate and sometimes-painful food coma. When I was a kidlet, you could place a trough of food in front of me and I’d devour it (trough included if properly seasoned), but these days it doesn’t take much to sate me. This comic about sums it up.

In college I could eat an entire medium pizza by myself. I would go back for seconds on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Now I can’t eat an entire bowl of Campbell’s Tomato soup. You know, the cheapo ones that require you to add a can of water.

Every now and then, though, my stomach says, “hey, let’s get some food down here!” and I go eat something completely unhealthy and too much of it. But I can still only eat one slice of pizza. Two if I try.