Is Nuclear Power a GOOD Investment?

I am trying to decide how to invest some money. I would like to invest this money for the long term (> 20 years), and I was thinking about energy. It seems to me that the USA has a few options as far as long-term energy supplies:-oil: good fuels, excpet we must import most of it, plus it pollutes the air
-coal; we have a LOT of it, but burning it causes pollution and CO2 emissions
-nuclear power: this is the best option-clean, safe BUT:
-we haven’t built a nuke in 20 years
-the capital investment in a nuclear power plant is hug-the anti-nuke crowd has considerable influence
So, how to go about investing in this? Is it wise to target the companies that BUILD the plants (Jacobs, Bechtel, etc.) or the firms that make reactors (GE, Babcok & Wilcox), or the utilities that would buy them?
In any event, does an investment in nuclear power make sense?

I wouldn’t call nuclear power clean - here in the UK we have tons of nuclear waste that needs storing for thousands of years.

Also your shares will take a dive whenever there is a Chernobyl or Three Mile Island incident.

Why not invest in green energy: wind / wave / solar?

I don’t think it is. As much as I’d like to see the public opinion turn around on nuclear power, I don’t think it’s likely to. I think it’s far more likely that, as more and more of our energy use takes the form of electricity, we’ll just burn more and more coal. It’s plentiful, it’s cost-effective, and the fact that it’s relatively dirty power doesn’t seem to bother people.

That said, there may be fewer regulatory and NIMBY hoops to jump through to replace plants as they are decommissioned. Are our current nuclear plants supposed to start giving out in the next 10-15 years? That’s the only way I seen new ones being built in the next 20 years.

I’d be interested to see what Una Persson (apologies if misspelled) has to say on the subject, though.