I Want to Invest in Nuclear Energy

How do I go about it? I have in my hands a list of companies that have filed applications for the building of nuclear power plants*. Do I just head for the nearest stock broker and start asking for quotes? Does anyone know of an atomic energy-based mutual fund?

*I’m not really sure I understand this. ISTR hearing that no new nuclear power plant has been built in the US since Chernobyl, if not before. If this is the case, are these applications merely preliminary - meaning, having your application approved simply means you’ve cleared the first of several hurdles, one of which is government approval to resume building nuclear power plants in the US?

Maybe a mutual fund? There are many that specialize in utilities. I own one in particular whose two biggest holdings are Entergy and Exelon – both of which own and operate nuclear plants.

They’re traded on their own too, of course (ETR and EXC), but they’re pretty steep and with the funds you get diversification.

For a local connection, Exelon operates, near as I can tell, all the nuke plants in Illinois (among others).

Well, my best friend works in a nuclear plant, so I guess you can just send him five bucks, or something.

I’ve been investing in Uranium companies. But they have been my “gamble” stocks. Right now I have about 14000 shares of UraniumCore Company. It is a penny stock at about 15 cents right now (but was around 8 cents when I bought it.)