Engineer Starting a Job at Nuclear Power Plant

Hi all,

I recently graduated college with a Bachelors in Chemical Engineering. I will soon be starting my first job at a Nuclear Power Plant. At first I don’t expect to have too many responsibilities, but I’d still like to develop an understanding of how the plant works.

Does anyone know how to access resources for studying the operation of nuclear power plants? I’d like to develop a somewhat detailed understanding of the nuclear reactors (PWR & BWR), the turbines and the generators. I would also like to study the coolant system, as well as anything else that might give me a better understanding of how nuclear power plants work, in general.

Feel free to share any experiences you have had at nuclear plants.

Thanks ~


Start with the following websites:

I just had to pop in to say that as part of my last job, I got to tour a nuke plant - Calvert Cliffs - and it was fascinating. Plus it’s located on the Chesapeake Bay and if I recall, their lunchroom has an amazing view! Good luck in your new job!!

Someone’s going to link to it sooner or later, so it might as well be me: The Springfield Nuclear Power Plant.

Need answer fast? :smiley: (Or should that be :eek:?)

I believe our Una Persson is a coal plant engineer, so she may at least be able to get you running on turbines.