Nuclear Engineers

Any nuclear engineers around here lately or anyone in a closely related field? Might I ask what you’re doing right now?

Hopefully they are manning the control rods…

I have a goof friend who is a nuclear engineer. He graduated with me from RPI in 2004. Right now he’s working in a nuclear power plant, been there about 16 months. He does something with the fuel (I’m told his plant uses both uranium and plutonium. I know nothing about how nuke plants work, and I thought only uranium was used.) I also know that in the past few months he has been doing a lot of overtime (unpaid, at that) because they are tryingto get their second reactor online, and he has nights and weekends he has to be on call in case things go wrong (he’s been called in at 3 AM and such numerous times.) So it’s not all atoms and fusion and such.

I’m a former Navy nuke with a BS and MS in NE. I am presently working as a computer network admin in an unrelated field.

:eek: :eek: I’m not comfortable with a goof doing work with nuclear power. :smiley:

Former Navy Nuc, here. Enlisted, so not really an engineer.

Thanks for the replies. Conincidentally, I will be attending RPI this fall. Considered going the Navy Nuc route, but wanted to stay on land.